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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pumping Up On the Juice

So far no signs of back acne, mood swings, or enlarged erogenous zones...LOL...Gotcha...I am talking about juicing people...veggies, fruits and all the healthy JUICE the body can handle. Ready to continue on this journey with me...I have been researching the whole concept of healing foods, juicing, organic vs. un-organic...always looking to improve, and put quality fuel in my body.  What got this whole ball rolling was watching three documentaries…Food Inc., Forks over Knives, and Food Matters…want to watch something that will open your eyes in a big way…well…this did it for me.  Just when I thought I was doing everything right, eating what I thought was “clean” foods…the buzz word for healthy stuff…I get blown out of my chair with the research documented on these shows.  Really, Really??? Well…what do I do with that…I start my own research on food and what to consume…digging into the whole organic reality and what is going on in this world…YUCK…did you know it is very political…sadly, but true.  I will leave it at that and let you do some exploring. 

Organic for ME
All I have to say is that I am just like you…always a work in progress and I also believe that I need to not only be knowledgeable but also able to share accurately…OMG…this has been interesting to say the least. Further, I think this is going to be a several part blog as the more I dig, the more complicated things become.  I will talk about the meats on another blog, but will quickly share that all meats that will fuel this 47 year young body will be free range organic from now on…so I will need to say goodbye to my $1.88lb chicken breast :/…unless a super duper organic sale comes up and then I will be stocking my freezer…you know me…wheel deal, coupon cherry picker;)  OK…back to  the juicing…I have a Vita Mix Blender and I am not going to expend further money purchasing a specialty juicer…I mean really…this thing would grind steel as it is…so I am good to go.  

My discovery on veggies is that they are a little more difficult to determine which to purchase organic. A fabulous Google search, believe it or not, provided an online link for the “Dirty Dozen” list of  fruits and vegetables always to purchase organic and a list of OK items to buy non-organic…YEAH.  Organic or not, I always wash my produce just to be sure as I have read stories on how cutting through the skin or rind can send YUCK bacteria right into the fruit.  Do I think I have done a horrible job maintaining my 47 year young self with the foods I have been eating so far…a BIG NO…making the choice to eat more organic is just an additional way for me to maintain ME even better…CLEANER if you will.  I have shared that Staying Healthy is a daily journey and never a destination and there is always progress to be made.  Well…that means in every aspect of my journey with living a quality Stay Healthy life.

What I am doing now is researching which vegetables and fruits work for certain conditions and everyday taking care of my body. For example…juicing the cucumbers daily for my skin and hair, ginger to alleviate menstrual cramps, and a variety of other veggies as powerful antioxidants to reduce the risk of many diseases and cancer…OK…strongly in on the juicing.  You know how I love my protein shakes as well, so I will mix it up by creating a juice/shake combo and it works for me.  Veggies, fruits, and seeds I like to keep on hand to juice it up…fresh spinach, cucumbers, celery, broccoli, blueberries, carrots, fresh parsley, ginger root, dried prunes, apples, oranges, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and almonds.  You may be thinking…OMG…broccoli in a shake…but when I juice the veggies and fruits together, it takes on a whole new flavor and a healthy fresh goodness to the blend.   

The best part of all, no nutrient breakdown that comes with cooking the veggies…just raw blended goodness in a glass!  I am so excited about my new juicing adventure and it is fun to come up with new blends everyday…in the back of my mind is a sweet potato ginger root creation in the making.  Saying that I pump up on the juice is, of the new ways I maintain me...HEALTHY and happy to say that I will be a lifetime JUICER...the journey continues;) 

My Workout of the Day:
20 Minute ARC trainer
Light Dumbbell Body Circuit (5lb weights) & Negative Pull-up/Jack Interval
Neg pull-ups (7 reps)
Jumping Jacks (20 reps)
Squat to Military Press Alternate sides (20 reps per side)
Core punch fronts (50 reps)
Neg pull-ups (7 reps)
Jumping Jacks (20 reps)
Lunge back biceps curls (20 reps per side)
One leg squat with lateral raise (15 reps per side)
Neg pull-ups (7 reps)
Jumping Jacks (20 reps)
Alternating lateral squat with front raise (20 reps)
Walking lunges (20 reps)
Neg Pull-ups (7 reps)
Jumping Jacks (20 reps)
Wide stance squat with alternating Military press (20 reps)
Stationary lunge hold with Triceps kickbacks (20 reps per side)
Neg pull-ups (7 reps)

My Daily Blend
Favorite Juice/Shake Combo (Makes 2):
I put this together in my Vita Mix Blender
¼ raw pumpkin seeds
Handful of fresh organic blueberries
2 stalks organic celery, washed
1 large organic broccoli flower
1 cup organic fresh baby spinach
½ organic apple, washed, no seeds
1 large organic tangerine or orange
3 dried prunes
¼ inch ginger root
Handful organic baby carrots
4 sprigs washed organic fresh parsley
2 heaping tablespoons N/F Greek Plain Yogurt
½ Scoop Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
¼ cup All Bran cereal
¼ to ½ cup Organic Vanilla Soy Milk
Ice and Blend…FABULOUS!



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