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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Hard Day

Blast off to Somewhere
I found this fabulous Motivational Poster that says “You are one workout away from a Good Mood”…this is so true!  Feels like a hard day, or hard week…all blending together as my fingers are trying to unwrap my feelings as I write this Blog.  I always like to say YES…I am human and have hard days, weeks, moments…just like you, I am not immune.  Sometimes I want to curl up in a human escape ball and ya know…blasting off to Hawaii sounds pretty good sometimes.  OH MY…what a share…well, why not…I mean really???  I have no fear of sharing who I am with you.  I am in and out of my workout writing this getting into that “Good Mood” coming from a great sweat.  It is my free therapy session where I process all the crap that can attempt to bring me down or create a hard day. As things come to my mind, I am near my computer for entry…that being said, back at it soon to return that will be for certain.

What the heck am I talking about…well, lots of things that have not been so fun…illness, a little surgery, and you know what can bother the most…being hit with the daily not so great communication or circumstances that can come from OMG…really…from them, or her, or him.  BIG YUCK…I am sure I am not sharing anything new…this screams…ARC TRAINER please and the other poster that I just found and absolutely LOVE…”God is STRONGER than my mood”…whew…Perfect for today and has been an “In My Face MOTIVATION” Screen Saver for me this week!

No…it is NOT my period or hormonal issues…although I must say that I do feel more anxious and edgy during that time…generally, I do not allow that to have any power over me though.  I am talking about living one day at a time, and just having, well…a hard day…I will not call it a bad day because I do not believe that days are bad…they are gifts.  I am happy to be here today…although hard…I am thankful. 

I am definitely a believer of a drama free life, not sweating the small stuff, letting go of those things I can’t control, and responding to life’s circumstances is 90% of the outcome.  Sometimes, depending on what the heck has hit me in the “funk” face determines how difficult it will be to not be sad, funky, down or whatever word best fits the scenario. I mean, if something continues to sneak into my mind and try to bug me…YUCK…it must have bothered me for some reason.  I will say to myself…I have let that go… so what the heck…maybe something triggered it…who knows…but the BEST I can do is be my absolute BEST through all situations…which I will also share…I AM NOT PERFECT…and so sometimes get this wrong.  I mean really, if I always get it right, then how am I learning?  Life is a learning journey and I will experience let downs, hard days, unfair circumstances, and unkind words …do I like this part…well, of course not.  Don’t we all want fairy tale days full of nothing but happy times, carefree living, sitting at nearby cafés sipping our favorite beverages while watching people stroll by…that warm fuzzy life that is perfect, picturesque, and stress free…OK…KNOCK KNOCK…time to wake up…this is not reality, and only a fairy tale perfect for travel brochures and romance novels.

What does sharing this have to do with living my healthy life…I think it still comes down to how I handle things.  Today feels like a hard day and the last couple months have been up and down a funky town ride, and I am going to grab onto that poster that I shared in the beginning…”I AM ONLY ONE WORKOUT AWAY FROM A GOOD MOOD”.  I release so much stress when I get my sweat on and achieve a feeling of strength that is greater than anything a hard day can give me.  Like I shared in my last Blog…my free therapy session…and when I am done with that hour, I seem to have a whole new perspective on things. My mood is definitely lifted in a positive direction, and I can think clearer, and make better choices for myself.   
So... Hard Day…Go Take a Hike!

Motivation of the Day:  You Are Only One Workout Away from a Good Mood

Workout of the Day:
ARC Trainer: Strength Mode, Level 6, 30 minutes (this kicked my literal Bootay)
Triceps/Biceps Interval
Cable push downs: 15lbs, 8reps, 5 sets
Tube kickbacks: (medium resistance): 8 reps, 5 sets
Interval of choice (one minute)
Biceps curls: 12lbs 8-10 reps, 5 sets

Nutrition of the Day:
1. Coffee with Sprouted Wheat Bread drizzled with honey
2. Post Workout Juice/Protein Shake Combo (The Works)
Stay Healthy Quinoa Chicken with Fresh Basil
3. Shredded Chicken Breast on Thin Bun with Avocado 
4. Juice/Protein Shake (The Works)
5. Quinoa Chicken with Fresh Basil
6. Peanut Butter Protein Balls

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Be well and Stay Healthy

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