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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Have Discovered the Fountain of Youth

Happy to Be Almost 50!!!!!!

  I will be 48 this month and I will let you know that I have indeed discovered the Fountain of Youth…YEP!!!  For some time now, I have been enjoying the benefits of this mighty fountain and I must say that it has helped maintain my now 48 year young self.  Am I sitting around drinking secret shakes, popping youth pills, or strapping some contraption that shakes the literal crap out of me to keep me young…OH hell to the big NO WAY…I mean are you kidding me?  In fact, I cringe every time I see ads that promise this type of thing…and the gimmicks that are   invented…OH MY! 

I am also NOT going to be one of those people who hide my age because of hearing this…”OH…you look so good…FOR YOUR AGE”…I just smile as I sometimes whip out my ID when I purchase a bottle of red wine for a special occasion.  I look at life this way…it is an absolute honor to live each day, to celebrate every moment…and I have earned every smile line that adorns this face…so I will proudly announce that I am almost 50!!!!!!  Whoo hoo…YEP…there, I said it.  Now, getting back to my fountain of youth…I would have to say that it starts with my attitude about life.  I am indeed a kid at heart, do not sweat the small stuff, Give my worries to God, and laugh as much as I can…my hubby makes sure of that…he is quite the jokester.

My Fun Healthy Self
Ready for the next ingredients to my Fountain of Youth…a LIFESTYLE of health that consists of regular exercise, eating healthy foods, lots of water, rest and fun.  YES…it is that simple.  The fact is that the Fountain of Youth does not exist, but taking care of ME through a healthy lifestyle is definitely a close second, and I am good with that. There is nothing in a bottle or on a surgery table that will provide the youthfulness that living healthy does. Each day we get older…that is a fact and there is no alternative…in spite of all the gimmicks and surgeries…right?  What I choose to do is live each day taking the BEST care of me physically, emotionally and spiritually…and that is what keeps me young.  I will probably be dancing my literal pants off when I am 80 and still jumping in a few water puddles…lol.  You see, It is all in how I think about life, and just because I am almost 50 does not mean I am going to put my backside on the couch, dress in frumpy clothes, and think life is half over….NO WAY!  Each day, life is just beginning in my book, with all kinds of possibilities and undiscovered adventures.  I want this body to be in the best shape for whatever adventure comes my way and that will take dipping into my Fountain of Youth every day.

FREEway to My Fountain of Youth
Were you expecting something else from me?  An ooh-la–la magic Darla potion that I will start marketing and available on shelves tomorrow…well, maybe in a way…because my magic is no secret and the best part…FREE.  YES…my Fountain of Youth comes in the form of moving my body…FREE, sleeping…FREE, and of course, I buy my food so that is some cost to the fountain…but remember  I look for the deals…so I will say DISCOUNTED.  Now that I think further about it, I will share that the Fountain of Youth does come at the cost of my SWEAT…but that is still FREE…meaning my sweat.  I should also say that it comes at the cost of physical work, the cost of commitment, the cost of dedication, the cost of planning, and the cost of cooking…but the cost is still FREE…do you get what I am trying to say.  Taking care of ME and gifting myself this Fountain of Youth is a choice I make freely and happily…because I am almost 50 feeling 20 something on most days….and that my friends is PRICELESS!  

Proud of YOU Eli

I dedicate this blog to my fabulous son Eli as he graduates this month with his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in community mental health, Minor in Bible and Theology, and Addiction studies certification. This Mom is very proud!!!  I Love You Son

Happy Mother's Day Mama!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom…thanks for blessing me with your example of the importance of cooking/baking and gifting me with the passion that I now have to create the recipes that I so enjoy to share with family, friends, and online. 
I Love you Mom…My Friend

Motivation of the Day:  The Fountain of Youth Exists Freely Within Each of Us

Stay Healthy Carrot Cake

My Workout of the Day:
ARC Trainer: Strength level 6 for 20 minutes (Interval)
30 minutes HIIT Training

My Nutrition of the Day:
Coffee (2 cups…oops)
1.      Stay Healthy Date Oatmeal Cookies (2)
2.      Post Workout Shake (The Works)
3.      Corn tortilla filled with no salt black beans, shredded cabbage, and N/F Greek Yogurt
4.      Grilled Salmon & Peppers
5.      Stay Healthy Sweet Potato Brownie





  1. Hey Darla, i havent left a message for a while but i'm still stalking your blog! I just love your attitude about your age. I am 6 months older than you and agree with your philosophy, however, wished i look like you. Im still struggling with my weight although I'm considered slim by my friends. I do find it hard as my kids are still young and I would love to have no processed foods in the house but my 10 yo would go nuts (not to mention my husband - he doesnt care about weight). I really really really hate people's attitude of taking medication for blood presure, cholesterol etc. instead of a healthy diet and exercise.
    Darla, you are always a fabulous inspiration and i agree, we dont have to be fifty and frumpy and wear cardigans and sensible shoes!!!! keep up the great blogs!
    ps what is your opinion on cardio - keep heart rate at 70% for 30-40 mins to get in the fat buring zone or hiit for as hard and fast as you can (i read this only increases fitness and uses carbs for fuel) I am sooooooo confused about this and i really dont have time to experiment as i want to get back into my skinny jeans as it gettng cold over here!!!!
    thanks Darla !

  2. Beautiful body... I like this post. Inspiring me to do some fitness.


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