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Friday, June 8, 2012


OK...what is on my mind...MY PIGS...Oh My YES...I am talking about my feet and the need for comfortable high heels, wedges, etc...I am on the hunt to no longer wear heels that kill my precious pigs.  I rarely wear them, but when I do, I want the experience to not be a horror foot story where my husband has to carry me back to the car by piggy back ...I mean really????  YUCK...what in the heck.  YES...I am still talking about my health...foot care is so important...I want to take care of what I use everyday...I realize how important my feet are when it comes to supporting my structure, and do not want pain, callouses or growths of any kind to suddenly appear on my PIGS because I was lax in taking care of ME.  So, what I have read so far...skimp on a shirt, but never on the shoes...that would include my fitness shoes...Asics being my Fav fitness shoe...but back to the search of heels or wedges that are not only sexy...but I can walk as if I am on a cloud, without my PIGS being squished into contortion and OMG...take these damn things off already, would rather walk bare foot, or ride bareback on a horse to get back to my car.  Moving on to cost...WOW OH about expensive...anxiety savings for my PIGS...this frugal, coupon clipping, deal of a girl has to calm down here and realize that I am worth the cost of a few marvelous shoes that will be so beneficial to how my PIGS feel and ultimately, how I will feel during an episode of wearing them for several hours.  So...what am I doing this early Frisky Friday morning before clients...researching the BEST sexy shoes and COMFORT will be KEY for my PIGS. I would love YOUR input on heels, wedges, etc...I love personal feedback experience from great shoe finds. Kind of random...but hey...this is ME!  Have a fabulous Frisky Friday!

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  1. Hi darla, i finally located some steel cut oats in Australia - i had to order it from 2 states away! so i thought i would do your steel cut oats in croc pot but mine turned out creamy. yours seem to be dryer/grainier. i used 1 cup oats to 4 cups water and its smooth and creamy - any suggestions? thanks

  2. FABULOUS! I use 2 cups of brown rice to 6 cups of water, add lots of spices and start checking at 2 hours. I hope that helps! Stay Healthy ~ Darla

  3. Perhaps requires some searching...but naturalizers & aerosoles have some cute selections sometimes. Just have to really look hard for them.


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