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Monday, June 4, 2012

What I Can with What I Have Today

TIRED...that explains me today.  Hubby and I had a weekend adventure and needless to say, I did not get home in time to get ample sleep...YIKES...that feeling of fog head meets some sort of workout in between my fabulous Monday clients...I MADE IT HAPPEN.  YES...I brought to my game "what I could with what I have."  Did I do a HIIT workout...Are you kidding me???  OH hell to the big NO WAY.  First, I am a morning workout girl...NOT TODAY.  I needed my Oats, I needed my coffee, I needed a mental  To top that off...the day is whirling by like the clock on Alice in Wonderland...I mean...SLOW DOWN already!  Getting back to what I can with what I had...30 minute ARC trainer ride listening to my upbeat music and really not trying to beat any records as the time counted down...YES...I focused more than usual on "am I DONE yet???"  Come on now...we all have these days...OK...getting back, I continued with 30 minutes of slow, methodical weight training focusing on back/chest/core and legs...WHEW...again, no rush...just thinking about my muscle as I was going through the motion and ensuring that the contractions were QUALITY!!!  I have this saying...NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS FAST...(in the gym anyway)  Have to have a sense of humor you know. we go, as promised, more time on My Blog and I am off to finish my day but wanted to leave you with some.......


Believe this!!!

A Healthy Lifestyle takes Action

Faith, Persistence, and Patience

Right or Left?


Personal Share:  Congratulations to my Fabulous Stepson, Jacob for graduating High school and soon to be leaving for Air Force Boot camp...Love You Honey!!!

Congrats Jacob, Love You...Proud Parents! 

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Have a Fabulous Week!
Stay Healthy ~ Darla


  1. hi darla, love your fountain of youth post - so true. you are such an inspiration. what type of coffee do you drink? i am trying to conquer a coffee addiction at the moment. i have a whizz bang expensive home machine and can have 4 strong capaccinos a day! yikes - that must be too much - your thoughts?

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Starbucks ground French Roast, but also different brands on sale...currently trying Dunkin Donuts dark roast. We use a half/calf blend in our coffee maker to keep our caffeine intake down. I keep my intake at one cup per day. Everything in moderation and I do enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Caffeine is a stimulant and dehydrates the body, so too much would not make me feel good...besides wanting to bounce off the walls with the jitters for several Thanks for stopping by and glad you are enjoying! Stay Healthy ~ Darla


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