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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Health and Fitness is a Lifestyle Not an Obsession

Getting healthy and staying that way is awesome. When you do it right, it's considered a lifestyle. Going overboard is when anything can become an obsession.

I believe in eating right 80% of the time and exercising at least 4 times weekly. This would be an example of a healthy lifestyle. If you're spending endless hours in the gym and obsessing about food to the point your life is negatively affected then that would not be healthy. See the difference?

Healthy Lifestyles are Balanced

Having a healthy balance is what makes health and life great. Moving beyond that and having an obsessive attitude can bring about an unhealthy life regardless of how good it may appear. Too much of a good thing is really not a good thing.

Healthy lifestyles are not obsessive but a balance of eating right, exercise, and fun.

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Is your healthy lifestyle enjoyable? OR
  • Does your healthy lifestyle feel like a burden because you worry about eating clean 100% of the time and feel guilty if you don't exercise daily?
Maintaining good health shouldn't feel like a burden. There is a difference between healthy and obsessive.

Doing good things can be overboard or “obsessive” and cause more harm than good. Taking fitness to an extreme can lead to disordered eating like orthorexia and excessive exercise.

Maintain a Realistic Attitude

The right way to approach health and fitness is with a realistic attitude. It's kind of like the three bears and the serving of porridge that's just right. A fit lifestyle is consistent, balanced, and makes you feel good. It becomes a way of life you enjoy and are happy to maintain.

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