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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Aging is Inevitable but You Can Change the Process

I really don't think about my age but more blown away by how fast time has gone.  I can remember my parents being in their fifties and never imagined I would be in the exact same spot - weird.

As I get older and wiser, I really appreciate the gift of time and soak in every moment. Sixty is around the corner and I don't want to miss a thing! 

What I really feel about age is that it's just a number and not a definition of my health and fitness.

I also believe aging is a state of mind and being. It certainly doesn't mean I'm going to subscribe to social negative ageism stigmas and become an old hag. That's just nonsense.  

Fitness Slows the Aging Process

Life is about quality and keeping my body functioning in a healthy way at every age. I want to feel my best each day and that means taking care of myself. Staying healthy just so happens to slow down the aging process.

Maintaining fitness at every age includes doing things consistently. I enjoy eating healthy food, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water. I have noticed I require more rest and recovery post-workout. I accept that it's just part of the plan for me and maintaining my best self.

To be honest, there are some days I feel every bit over fifty when my neck flares up or my back hurts. These are days I take special care to relax more, stretch more, and not push so hard.

I believe you take on a whole new appreciation of your body with age. I am more in tune, not extreme, and just simple and healthy. It's a great fit place to be.

Fitness Starts in Your Mind

Being fit on the outside is great but it really begins in your mind. How you feel about yourself plays a large role in your ability to get fit and be a truly healthy person.

My goal is to also be happy in life. I have put plenty of effort over the years into fixing the unhealthy mental clutter that once plagued my life. If I didn't fix my internal negative stuff, life would be pretty miserable and far from healthy. 

I don't care how fabulous anyone looks, you can't live a positive life in a negative mind. This is true for every age. It's like someone having all the money in the world and being completely unhappy and unfulfilled. Is that person really rich - no way. In my opinion, health and happiness go hand in hand. 

Aging is a Privilege

I consider getting older an honor and a privilege and will never be ashamed to share my age. I am proud to be me.

I have lived a journey full of good and bad, and consider every circumstance a positive growth opportunity. Everything has happened in my life to mold and create an older and healthier version of me.

I have been broken at times only to become stronger and better. Just like a muscle that gets torn down during a workout only to gain in strength. Life continues to be a work in progress and those challenging situations may not always feel good but can produce amazing positive growth. 

Aging is a Blessing

I am so blessed with how my life has turned out and continues to be amazing. Aging is just a part of this process that allows more time to keep working on living my best life. 

This includes being married to my best friend, having such amazing kids, wonderful family, friends, and good health. Living a healthy lifestyle and nourishing my soul daily is a beautiful place to be. 

I live by how I feel - young. I may have a few battle scars from surgeries, stretch marks, laugh lines, and forehead wrinkles but consider it all a gift. It doesn't change who I am inside.

I don't panic about aging and disagree with all the false beliefs about getting older. Nothing needs fixing, injecting, or to be hidden. I embrace everything about my age.

So bring on healthy aging because it's nothing but happiness, youthful, sexiness, and over the top amazing.

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  1. Hi I have followed you for a while and would love to feel healthy onside out. Your an inspiration to me thank you and keep up the effort.

    I was wondering what are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?

    1. Hi Javed

      Thanks for the kind words and your question. Personally, I don't utilize intermittent fasting because it doesn't work well with my body. Also I don't believe in calorie restriction which intermittent fasting advises. It could have potential for short term use but not as a healthy lifestyle.

      Keep being awesome and Stay Healthy.

  2. Great information and very well explained. Keep sharing it.

  3. You are beautiful and that’s what I’m trying to achieve a beauty that shows inside and out. Ethereal is my ultimate goal!

    1. Thanks for your kind words and sharing your personal goals. Keep being awesome!


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