Thursday, December 15, 2016

Keeping Fitness Real is an Important Part of the Lifestyle

Have you struggled with starting a fitness program, illness or even setbacks? It's during these times our bodies will dictate our abilities and limitations. 

Personally, when illness hits me hard, I have to take a break and put my favorite HIIT routines on hold. This is all part of realistic expectations. I may want something right now, but it's just not going to happen. 

Similarly, there is no such thing as here today and gone tomorrow. Patience is very important on our journey to health and fitness. It may feel frustrating and I will even validate this emotion. The key is not letting negative thinking consume us to the point of giving up. We must remain realistic. 

Realistic workouts start with what you can do right where you are. Allow yourself to be a beginner. If returning to fitness from injury or illness, take it slow. The work is always about progress and not perfection. It's so important to pay attention to what the body is saying. Being in tune allows you to do exercise at your best and in great form.   

Realistic expectations involve creating plans that are reasonable and obtainable. Going into our fitness program with the wrong mindset and expectation will cause feelings of discouragement. When we think beyond our current fitness level it can cause us to give up before seeing any positive progress.  

All effort toward weight loss and muscle gain is progress. It doesn't matter how long it takes as long as you stay consistent. Results happen when healthy eating and consistent exercise is a lifestyle. There is no magic pill or gimmick that will make you fit. Healthy bodies are made by real work and being patient through the process. We all want things to happen quicker than they do. Being realistic is what will provide life long results done the right way. 

Rushing into a seemingly healthier body using unhealthy means is not realistic. It only scratches a temporary itch without lifelong results. Unhealthy fitness choices are typical yo-yo attempts. They lead to diet frustration and gaining back even more weight. It also sets us up for discouragement and unhappiness. 

I have this saying “nothing good happens fast” when it comes to our health and fitness. It really can be applied to many things in life. Taking care of ourselves is about a healthy lifestyle. The choices we make each day are what keep us progressing in a healthy direction. We all possess the ability to get healthy and become our best self at any age. Keeping our realistic expectations front and center will help make it all happen.   

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Live Verywell and Stay Healthy

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