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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


What our health and happiness come down are choices.  I make a choice each day to eat healthy, exercise, and respond to life the best way I can as a Christian woman.  I am not perfect, do not claim to be, and my goals in life are about progress and never the “P” for perfection word.  I struggle with things just like you do, have had my share of crap in this journey of life, emotionally and physically, and I have come out the other side learning and growing in a positive direction.

I will always be a work in progress, and we are all that in this life.  I enjoy writing which is why I Blog and what better way to provide motivation than to share me with you.  You will either like me or not, and that is a choice as well.  Reading my Blog gives you a small glimpse of me, although I try to be thorough, it is not the same as developing a close “friend” relationship chatting up a topic of conversation.  As an internet personality, I have had and do get my share of “haters” as the net likes to call them, but also a great number of supporters, but through this process, my goal and intention is to reach out and get people thinking about their health, making CHOICES to change and adapt healthier ways of living, and ultimately a healthy lifestyle. 

I am a trainer and coach who is passionate about helping people, and I do walk the talk of my mission.  I do not accept excuses or reasons why health is not made a priority and that is not called being unreasonable, it is being truthful.  I am not talking about reasons such as an upcoming surgery, injury, or illness that has unfortunately put a person in a position of inability to exercise.  I have suffered that journey and understand the frustrations, and emotions of dealing with such a crisis.  I am addressing the everyday person walking around with so much created busyness that they “think” that they just can’t fit in an hour of exercise at least 3 days per week, or prepare healthy meals. 

YOU CAN DO IT….BUT WILL YOU?  That is the question of the Blog and each of us has a conscience controlled decision to make when it comes to taking care of our health in all aspects.  We choose to exercise, eat healthy, be happy, and let go of pointless drama that is out of our control.  We choose how we spend the precious minutes gifted to each of us daily, and how we respond to the situations of this life.  I motivate YOU with “YOU CAN DO IT” because you can, and this coming from one busy business woman, wife, mother, grandmother, who is basically fifty and experiencing the throws of menopausal symptoms and existing injuries.  There are times that I feel like I can’t do it, and that is the honest truth.  It is in those moments, that I have to dig deep inside me and pull out the strong, and hope that the motivation kicks in mid workout.  YES, I am just like you, but the choice of “WILL YOU” is always mine and yours. 

This is not about comparison of me to you, but a straight up calling you out on the carpet and asking “WILL YOU start a healthy lifestyle?” and if not, WHY?  I will tell you that YOU CAN DO IT, but it will take the action of YOU to make it happen.  If you feel this is coming on strong, then I have accomplished a goal of getting you to think, maybe even creating some feelings that have been stuffed inside yourself too long and it is time to cleanse that body emotionally and physically.  Are you angry, bitter, frustrated, unhappy, and using the “too busy” title or other reasons to not address those things.  If that is the case, time for some internal cleaning of house, and time to get healthy.  YOU CAN DO IT…BUT WILL YOU?

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