Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Grieving the Loss of a Parent

This is such a difficult write and I have been away from my blog for several weeks spending time with my family and my beautiful Mother-in-law who passed away June 18.

She was my second Mom, I loved her dearly and I still struggle with the realism that she is no longer here physically.  I miss her…

Life holds such beauty and pain. And it's in the experience of death, being present during that last breathe of a loved one that brings even more appreciation to this gift of life. How important it is to spend each moment with loving intention. 

My Mom-in-law is in heaven now, able to breathe, walk, laugh, and exist in the perfect form of her spirit. In the presence of God and those who have passed before her that she so loved.  At the same time, I struggle with my human feelings of grief and sadness. I still expect to go over for a visit looking forward to one of our many girl talks.  I can still see her and hear her in my mind, and the sound of her laugh will remain forever in my memory. 

The loss of a parent hits very hard to the core of our being. As I watch my adoring husband process his feelings of saying goodbye to his Mom, my heart aches for him.  We are a close-knit, loving family who supports each other through the good and difficult times of life.

This is such a bittersweet time for him and our entire family.  There are tears and so many stories, and through those, we also laugh and capture the very essence of Mom still with us. 

I understand that it comes down to time. And healing from one of the greatest losses in this life will never be about acceptance. How can it be?  I would say it will be about change and learning to live with the loss of such a special woman in our life. Wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, and daughter. 

I understand how one generation carries into the next, and going through this journey of losing my second Mom makes me think about my own mortality.  I am fifty now and even though my health is good, there is still no guarantee of life tomorrow.

Age and even illness are not always the deciding factor of death, which in this blog I hope to bring home loud and clear that everyone please appreciate life, your body, family, friends, and all things that are cherished.  It will not be money that carries you through emotionally difficult times, or even having the fittest body around.

I will say that being emotionally healthy is helping me go through this process. I am thankful my healthy state of well-being keeps me balanced through difficult times. We are made to go through the feelings of joy and sorrow and that is part of life, and you need to be healthy to experience both sides of the journey. 

One last Christmas Time together Dec 2013

I dedicate this Blog in loving memory of Rhoda Leal, my beautiful second Mom and friend.  I love you always and until we meet again, I will carry your laughter and wisdom in my heart and mind forever. 

Cherished Final Moments Together

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