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Exercise For 30-Minutes 5 Days Per Week For Lasting Results

Exercise doesn't have to be extreme to be effective. In fact, working out for at least 30-minutes 5 days per week is shown to provide optimal fitness for a lifetime.

Athletes with certain goals may need to perform above the maintenance requirement, but in general, active adults can achieve great results using the 30-minute strategy.

Get Fit and Healthy 

Most of us want to feel good and look good naked with a simple exercise routine. This is possible without extreme workouts or lifting super heavy. If the extreme is what you enjoy, and it works for your body, go for it. I am addressing the norm demographic of everyday people who just want to get fit and be healthy. 

What is Recommended?

Studies have shown that 150-minutes per week of moderate aerobic activity such as brisk walking is sufficient to maintain a healthy body. It would be reduced to 75-minutes per week for vigorous exercise like running or attending an aerobics class. High-intensity interval training reduces the minutes per workout even more.

Also recommended is weight resistance training two days per week. Although the guidelines are quite variable with weightlifting, you can accomplish an effective workout in less than 45-minutes.

Give it 30-Minutes

Maintaining a healthy body is a fairly basic process. Exercise for 30-minutes five days per week and eat right at least 80% of the time for best results. It's really not that complicated.

Everyone has 30-minutes to give to their health regardless of any excuse. It comes down to choices. If health and fitness are a priority, exercise will be a priority and that's the simple truth of it. 

The best part about getting your sweat on for 30-minutes is making it your own. Creating workouts that are enjoyable is what builds a lifestyle of physical activity.

If being outdoors motivates you, lace up the tennis shoes or hiking boots and find some fun trails. If using the cardio equipment and listening to music floats your boat, go for it. Love to lift weights? Get to the gym or use dumbbells at home and put in the time.

Keep it Simple and Fun

The heart muscle responds to the demands of exercise being placed on it, not what you are specifically doing. Sweat is sweat, a mile is a mile, and 30-minutes is 30-minutes. What you do to increase the heart rate at a moderate level for that amount of time is up to you. The point is just to move for 30-minutes.

Stick to the basics of exercise. Keep it simple, fun, and a part of your everyday life. The latest extreme workout until you puke, faint, or die is not what will carry you from where you are now into your elder years.

Extreme programs may be used to meet specific athletic goals for some people. However, not necessary for active adults or new exercisers looking to get healthy and improve their overall quality of life.

Get Motivated

The point of this blog is to motivate you to start an exercise program. All you need is 30-minutes to start. Work with what you like and at your fitness level.

The amazing thing about workouts and fitness is being able to create what works best for each of us. There is never only one way to achieve the body you want. The best exercise is one you look forward to doing and will repeat for a lifetime.  

Effective and Efficient Exercise

Working in the industry for over 30 years, I have come to appreciate the simplicity of fitness. It truly doesn't require as much time as you think to be a healthy person.

For example, I keep my workouts to a one-hour session or less if performing interval training. Honestly, I can achieve an effective workout and prefer exercising for 30-minutes because it fits with my work schedule.

As long as you challenge your body and perform quality exercise movements, it's good enough. Try not to get caught up in the stress of what you think exercise is according to fitness marketing. Honestly, some of the things I see out there are kinda scary.

Do What Works Best For You

The caveat to remember is finding fitness programs that work best for you. Keep it simple, basic, and fun. When exercise is enjoyed and done right, you will keep it for life.

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