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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Change Happens When We Face Our Fitness Truth

Standing in our fitness truth can be a difficult thing and often times something we avoid altogether. Even as we stand in the mirror with our naked truth right in front of us, we can still be in denial of what is looking back at us. 

We believe working out and eating healthy for one week will provide some visible results. We look at ourselves with frustration unable to accept the truth about our fitness. It takes more than a week to get to an unhealthy state and yet we expect an instant miracle. Instead of continuing the fitness journey, we give up before really starting. 

If all of us truly took responsibility for our fitness truth, the world would be filled with healthy fit people. This is far from reality. More than 30 percent of Americans struggle with obesity or being overweight. 

The problem is the continual dishonesty with ourselves about how we're really living. Most of us aren't eating healthy and rarely get in a workout. Regardless of what we say, our body keeps a good record of what we're actually doing. 

We may talk a good fitness game in front of our friends, family, and even our trainer but within our private life, the truth remains a buried secret. Lying to ourselves does nothing to make us healthy people. When we continue to brag about eating healthy, our bodies are telling the true story of what's happening. 

Some medical conditions or medications may contribute to weight gain, but this doesn't apply to the majority of people. Denial of our fitness truth is the reason most of us are unhealthy, overweight and unfit. Until we're able to accept our responsibility for causing the problem, we won't be able to apply a solution. Achieving a healthy and fit body takes acceptance of where we are now and changing daily unhealthy habits. 

Keeping an accountability fitness and food journal really helps us stand in our fitness truth. The additional splurge meals, alcohol, and snacking can all be written down. Being honest about how many times we exercise can also be included in our journal. It's hard to deny what we're really doing or not doing looking at the facts in writing. 

If we don't write things down, we conveniently forget about off track items and only recall eating vegetables and salmon for dinner. Somehow if we don't write it down, it's not happening. We often become frustrated and in disbelief that anything we did could possibly cause us to gain weight or not hit our goals. Who is anyone trying to kid with this type of thinking and behavior.

When we face our fitness truth, positive results can happen. Our efforts to change will result in becoming a healthier, happier, and fit person. 

Not being honest with ourselves about our fitness can be difficult to accept. Completely normal feeling as we work through emotions. We all need to start somewhere. Beginning with the truth in all relationships including the one with ourselves is the basis of all trust. Do you trust yourself enough to stand in your fitness truth? Do you really want to experience a change in your life and experience good health and happiness? It will take work and you may even need help going through the process. The effort will be worth every positive step of acceptance and action to change. 

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Be well and Stay Healthy!

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