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Monday, August 28, 2017

Fitness Means Being Mindful Of How You Treat Your Body

Fitness includes so much more than weight loss or achieving a personal best lift at the gym. Being a fit person involves discipline for each day, creates awareness, and instills conscious living. It means being mindful of how you treat your body, how you think, and feel.

Fitness is a lifestyle and goes way beyond the physical. Living this way starts in your mind and pushes you to live a quality life. It's not just a desire but daily actions chosen moving you closer to becoming a healthy person. When your focus remains on health, you can truly say you're living a mindful healthy life.   

We put so much pressure on ourselves to squeeze into skinny jeans or tank shirts and tend to forget how being fit is supposed to feel. A fit and healthy body should feel good but instead many of us accept and accommodate pain on a daily basis. In this case, the focus isn't on health and often with a temporary goal based on outward appearance. Healthy lifestyles are meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime, not just for a few months.

A fit lifestyle includes physical exercise and not even to an extreme but effective enough to maintain a healthy body. It also means eating foods containing a high nutrient value helping you feel energized and creating an antioxidant environment protecting you from illness and disease.

Rest is also on the menu for a fit body and a very important part of the program.  Without proper rest and sleep, your body will not recover from the demands placed on it through workouts, stress, and the overall daily grind.

A healthy life requires a balance of work and play. We often lose sight of our inner child replacing it with busy demands of adulthood. Staying young at heart helps reduce your stress and enables you to enjoy life more. It creates a positive, happy mindset that looks forward to shutting down to recharge the mental batteries. Too many of us don't take advantage of this very important part of being healthy and happy.

The reality is you can enjoy life and live a healthy lifestyle at the same time. This is accomplished by making health a priority and being consistent with your choices. Being fit doesn't mean slaving for hours in the gym and resolved to eat boiled fish and broccoli for life.This is far from what living a healthy lifestyle looks like.

When the focus is on health and improving the quality of your life, becoming fit happens naturally along the way. This also allows you to let go of the stress of unrealistic fitness goals and quick fixes. The pressure to look a certain way loses its importance as you concentrate more on how good being healthy feels.

Your awareness of the importance of being a healthy person becomes primary in more ways than physical. You are mindful of eating right, exercising your body, and think positive about yourself. Applying this healthy attitude and lifestyle creates the body you want in the way it should happen.

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Be well and Stay Healthy 

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  1. I'm a fan of your posts! I'm currently on a fat-burning meal plan (from and your motivational quotes and success stories have helped me reach my fitness goals. Well, I'm not really there as of yet but losing 10 pounds the past year is a great motivator for me. More power!


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