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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I am not talking about pain that does not feel right when performing an exercise but what I am referring to is the emotional and mental pain that will enter each of our lives through differing circumstances.  Whether we are suffering crisis from a family member being ill, a death, divorce, or financial strain due to a job loss, these types of stressful situations can cause us to not take care of ourselves as we place health and fitness on the back burner.  We get so wrapped up in the pain of the event with our minds consumed, our emotional banks drained, and the energy to even put one foot in front of the other feeling like an impossible task. The burden feels heavy and the world can seem bigger than we are.  It will be in these moments where taking care of ourselves through exercise and eating right is even more important, and often times pushing through the pain even when we do not want to will be what keeps us healthy emotionally and physically.

It will not be easy and I share this personally as I am currently struggling with my father being gravely ill and rapid decline in health.  During sleepless days and nights of course I focus more on my nutrition and get in my exercise when I can, but do seek out exercise as being therapeutic and stress relieving. Studies have shown that exercise is directly linked to decreased depression and stress, which is why it is so important not to neglect this very important part of our life.  Our bodies are made to move and doing that helps prevent a spiral down into dark mental places.  All of us will experience pain in our life and that is unfortunately a part of this journey, and it will always be how we respond to the circumstances that will keep us healthy.  Journaling is another great way to feel comfort through painful situations, and if necessary a great counselor, and I am all for talking to God and prayer. The Blog is an outlet of expression for me and sharing my feelings with you also provides healing and hopefully a comfort for others going through a painful life episode. 

Life will not play fair that is a fact and we need to prepare ourselves by being healthy and happy to begin with.  Being fit helps us to cope better during emotional stress. Today is always the day to take the steps necessary to become your best YOU in all aspects.  Life is short, a gift, and taking it for granted is not only a shame, but will lead to a life of illness and unhappiness.  When the painful things in this life come knocking on your door, will you be ready physically, emotionally and spiritually?  Will you have the strength to push through the pain?

I dedicate this Blog to my wonderful father who is a fighter, and my beautiful mother who stands strongly by his side and for 55 years.  Thank you for blessing me with life, faith and love.

My Beautiful Parents

Me and My Fabulous Father
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