Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Excuses Will Not Change Your Body or Health

The truth about health and fitness is you either want it or you don’t.

Let’s face it, many of us come up with reasons not to exercise or eat healthy. We even sound pretty convincing. Unfortunately, all the reasons in the world eventually catch up to you in the form of illness or injury.

What we often fail to realize is how much your lifestyle impacts your health. The food you eat, being physically active, and rest are truly your medicine.

Many people continue to walk around in an unhealthy body and come to accept this existence. Living this way causes you to miss out on how good you're supposed to feel and look.

The true story of health is your body reflects your lifestyle.

Make Your Health a Priority

I want to believe all of you have a strong desire to be healthy people. Working in the health and fitness industry, I certainly hear this loud and clear. We talk about wanting to feel and look better, but what continues to be lacking is the action required to make this happen. More often than not, healthy living isn't a priority.

Living a life of excuses will not change your health or appearance. It only guarantees you not to feel your best and is often accompanied by unhappiness. Change takes changing your daily habits. The body you have is determined by what you do. I'm sure we can all agree with that statement.

Let me clarify my reference is to the general population who have the ability to get healthy. Some medical conditions and illnesses are out of our control, but I have seen those who struggle this way live the healthiest lives.

Change Takes Change

The first step to change your body for the better is owning your current lifestyle. This includes admitting you are making excuses not to eat healthy, exercise, sleep more, reduce stress and the list goes on. It's important to understand why health is not a priority.

Admitting your part in creating an unhealthy body can be hard to face - but necessary. It's in that frustrating moment you can really be honest about your life and body. This is often the beginning of getting serious about a healthy lifestyle.

Think about these things:

Masking the Problem

Being healthy and having a fit body is achievable for the majority. Sadly, many people are turning to prescribed pharmaceuticals to reduce the symptoms of self-induced health conditions. A pill doesn't fix the problem, it only masks the problem.

Let me clarify - certain medications are required for a small percentage of Americans but not for the general population who can get healthy. Many cholesterol-lowering and blood pressure medications can be discontinued when weight is lost and body composition is improved.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

The problem continues to be accommodating an unhealthy lifestyle justifying it with reasons that really can't be validated. This can be changed - if you want it to change.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the way to lasting health and fitness. It's not an occasional event and requires full-time effort.

The bottom line is results can and will happen, but the choice is up to you.

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  1. Great post! Love your blog.

    Here is my latest healthy post!

  2. thanks Maggie and I look forward to checking out your recipe share :) Stay Healthy!

  3. Wonderful post. I agree with you and I think for achieving positives results, just training programs and workouts are not enough. We need to be dedicated and motivated towards our goal to attain them easily. Thanks for sharing this post.

  4. I always get motivated by your post Darla. Following you since you were 48yrs I think!.. And I am 48 now. My exercises are in order in my life. But very much struggle to eat right/healthy food!.. Very frustrating. This is I really need for motivation now days. Thanks Darla.

    1. Hi Jocelyn Mongunjin and thanks for your kind words. I enjoy candid shares and you are not alone in your struggle. Eating right is the most difficult part for many individuals working to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Take it one day at a time and make healthy choices for that day not looking too far ahead. It's what we do daily that creates the largest impact. Keep reading, stay motivated, and know can do it! Be well and Stay Healthy

  5. I've read all your blogs for the past year. I am 50 yrs old and have struggled with an eating disorder for several years. I love your body positivity at any age!

    1. Hi Kristine,
      Thanks for reading and sorry to hear about this struggle. May each day bring healing and a healthy mindset physically and mentally. Be well and Stay Healthy.


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