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Friday, December 7, 2018

Achieve Lasting Results With a Healthy Lifestyle

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and achieving fitness goals provides a feeling of accomplishment. You are eating right and motivated to exercise.

Nothing feels better than fitness euphoria and self-motivation at its peak. You are determined and feel nothing can get in the way of reaching your goals, right?

The Problem

What often happens when goals are reached is a reduced drive to keep going. The problem is thinking the goal is the goal. Far from the truth.

It's important to start the process of getting fit but even more important to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain that fitness.

Living a healthy life is the goal that achieves lasting results.

What Happened?

Week one on your fitness program is great and filled with determination.

Week three of your start just doesn't feel as good and lacks excitement. Other things take priority and somehow being too busy to exercise or eat right dampen your motivation.

Week four seems to be filled with obligations that become more important than the promise you made to yourself to get healthy.

Week five may involve a long vacation. Fitness is set aside and anything goes with food intake guaranteed to promote weight gain and expand your waistline. Exercise is also put on the back burner. There is not a thought about your health and fitness during this time.

In just a few weeks, your goal to get healthy has taken a back seat and old patterns have returned. The struggle is real for many out there.

Old Habits Return

Processed foods have replaced the good carbohydrates consumed just a month ago. The menu includes pizza and burgers instead of lean proteins and healthy fats.

Water intake is also not what it should be for optimal fitness. Old habits have returned and you are back to square one.

Believe it or not, choices and behaviors like this happen all the time. It can cause feelings of failure, discouragement and many will give up.

None of us are immune to returning to poor eating habits and reasons not to exercise. Anyone can slack off and make excuses. We fail to see the goal of getting in shape is staying in shape.

Live a Healthy Life

Lasting results happen when fitness becomes your lifestyle. This means being mindful of how you eat, staying active, and getting plenty of rest.

It also means taking responsibility for the choices causing you to return to unhealthy patterns. This will require getting back that motivation felt so strongly upon starting your fitness program.

If you are unable to do it alone, hire a qualified personal trainer or find a workout partner. If you are sabotaged at home, start cooking two separate meals to ensure you're eating healthy. If too busy seems to be a problem, it's time to review your priorities.

Achieving your fitness goals is a great accomplishment. Learning how to maintain them is truly what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.

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