Wednesday, January 12, 2022

My Journey through Menopause

My journey through menopause is more of an update of my "Menopause Frustration and Finding Relief" blog post.  Head on over and read that before diving in here to get the full story of my symptoms, frustrations, and actions to resolve them.

My Menopause Journey

Instead of being mad at menopause, I'm now calling it a journey through menopause. The drastic symptoms have softened thanks to research, talking with my doctors, and making treatment decisions that best fit my body. As women, we will all experience menopause and the havoc placed upon our bodies during this transition.

Menopause is part of life and health and not a topic to be hushed under the rug. There is no shame or embarrassment in discussing anything that relates to health and fitness. We have lived too long with our heads tucked between our tails and still thinking how dare we use the term 'vagina' in public. Come on now, we're all adults and this is an important issue for women and the men who support them.

Menopause Symptoms

Starting menopause, I was plagued with unbelievable hot flashes that tormented my days and nights. Fatigue was at an all-time high. I felt irritable, experienced foggy thinking, and inability to sleep. Vaginal dryness was insane, numerous urinary tract infections were intolerable and lastly, my libido tanked. I was completely frustrated and menopause absolutely consumed me.

I think menopause was at the forefront of every conversation with hubby back then. I thank God every day for such a supportive man. It didn't matter how physically fit I looked on the outside because my inside was so out of balance. I didn't feel confident sexually or as a woman. This weighed on me heavily and I was desperate to fight menopause with all I had.

Menopause Update

This update comes two years into my menopause and happy to report, I feel so much better. I no longer take OTC herbal blends and decided to give bio-identical hormone therapy a try.

I have been on bio-identical hormones for two years now and the improvement in menopause symptoms is remarkable. In addition, I have continued the low-dose estrogen vaginal insert pill and very happy with the plumped-up results. I also use natural coconut oil and vitamin E suppositories regularly for internal vaginal moisturizing.

My hot flashes went away within weeks of bio-identical therapy. As the months have gone by, I feel like my old self again. Emotionally and physically my body feels like it has been brought back into hormonal balance. I am now functioning at what I would call a normal level.

My confidence is renewed, my thinking is clear, and sex is great. My lifestyle of eating healthy and regular exercise continues to help residual menopause symptoms. My cycles have not made an appearance for over a year which is one of the indicators of being in full menopause.

I don't know how long I will require transdermal bioidentical hormone therapy but I am happy with the decision to go this route for my body. It has changed my frustration into stress-free days and I can better accept going through menopause. Not having a period feels like sweet freedom. I can wear white pants with confidence.

Sharing my journey through menopause is my way of supporting other women going through this process. However, we are all unique individuals who need to be our own health care advocates. It's important to make the best choices for ourselves through research and doctor discussions.

What works for me may not be the best option for you. Be motivated there is hope to feeling better going through menopause and always be pro-active when it comes to your health.

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