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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Follow Your Own Fitness Path for Life Long Results

My daughter's 1st-grade teacher informed me she would always be a leader and not a follower. This still holds true 25-years later and such great advice. I think about her statement often and how it applies to health and fitness.

We all need to be leaders and not followers when it comes to our fitness and health. Following the path of someone else with differing goals just doesn't make sense. We are all unique in body, mind, and spirit. My goal isn't to be you and I hope this is true on your end.

I am a  skeptic when it comes to fitness miracles regardless of who is sharing the information. I refuse to follow the beliefs of others just because they heard it was the next best thing to sliced bread. Do you really think it's healthy to lose 20lbs in 5 days? That's craziness.

I feel the same way about exercise programs. I review fitness trends before agreeing with advertised claims of it being the newest and best workout ever.

What does impress me is solid research and leading myself with what works best for me nutritionally and physically. Everything else is just fluff until proven quality. Sure it takes work when you're a leader, but it's worth the time and effort. Don't you want to apply sound principles to your health and fitness program? There is so much crap out there that can actually hurt you and to not be aware of this fact is negligent.

Leaders also do not feel the need to compare. They are confident moving forward, regardless of how slow, with a tried and true fitness program.

Followers are more apt to give up and jump to the next new fitness trend hoping to achieve something from empty promises.

Leaders stand firm with dedication while followers get lost in the shuffle. Leaders will get lifelong results and followers will yo-yo through and typically end up right where they started or worse.

Science has already proven consistent healthy eating and regular exercise is the answer to good health. Leaders understand and accept this fact. Followers continue to struggle. They want fast and easy and desire the results worn by the leaders but are often unwilling to do the work.

It is so important to understand being a leader will be the success of your overall health and fitness. We all have differing things going on genetically, medically, and even emotionally. Accurate and successful fitness programs take specific and personal needs into consideration. This requires us not to compare our fitness to others and start directing our own path. Personal focus allows us to discover what works best for us.

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  1. I am a 56 yr old 'follower' obese female. My weight return was triggered when I learned to drink fine red wines w great steaks lol, in the 80s. I can not blame child birth because I lost more than I gained. My belly even returned to its flat inverted washboard. Mid 80s I had a bad car accident which ruined me for 3yrs. By then I had a bit of wine and steak insulating me. In 95 I wrentched my back ruining me for 4yrs. Then i took to weight training and in a yr i felt like an ox, I was so proud. 2000, whiplash of the entire spine which has still a hold on me. In order to get surgery on my spine I was forced into a gastric bypass surgery which has left me anemic since and other vitamin deficiencies. I've had two cervical operations leaving 3prostetic disks and a fushion, and one lumbar surgery leaving me one prostetic disk and one fushion. My body got significantly better but never great like some patients and the weight has creeped back on. My walking routine since I can remember has never let me break 20min to a mile. Could never use the elliptical for more than 25min. Aqua therapy finishing w a cervical and lumbar strech w the pool noodles is what works for me. I have not been able to walk for more than two weeks wo going into hip pain or sciatica now kicking back in. Surgeon wants to go back in and I am trying to fight that option by going sugar and GF. That leaves me feeling pretty good but still not able to exercise. I miss Me! Walker, dancer, mountain walker, skier, roller skater, zest for adventure and travel, painter. Now I care for mom who is now on the cusp of the 6th out of 7 stages of the disease. I have become a couch potato since 05 when forced out of work retired in 07. I now am researching where to find intergrated physicians. In the meantime have been agressively googling for supplements and their food counterparts and combinations for maximum results for weight loss. I am falling in love w the nutribullet as well. I ran into you just now and fell in love w your fitness study background and approach to where you have landed in your fitness interests. I caught where you help those of us that are injured and wondered if you have ever come across a client that can't heal. My surgeon says that for some reason my tissues have a hard time adjusting to recovery. I also grow bone spurs in my neck, both times he scraped off a few, less in the lumbar region. Hope you find me to be a challenge or know of someone who has had success w similar issues and can share their secrets. Thank you for your time and best of continued success personally and for those that you serve.

    1. Hi Vivien,

      You have certainly had your share of physical and emotional trials in life. I do understand being injured and out for long periods of time. Read my Bio section of the Blog and you will find we have cervical injury in common. I also share in your degenerative disk disease issue as well. I am a firm believer in trying all things conservative before jumping on a surgery table. Check out my page as well. I cover articles specifically related to nutrition and fitness. I do work with those who are injured with a physician release and have had great success in strengthening core, back, and pain reduction/elimination. Continue your search for neuro physical therapists that can help you through difficult times, and also continue being a strong health care advocate for you and determine what is actually best for you. This will take time and patience. It sounds like you have been making positive progress with changing up certain foods and even this will be a trial and error as you go along. Find what works best for your body physically and nutritionally. Acceptance of the new you will be necessary and working within your limitations, but embracing the things you can still do making that your new normal. In doing so, you will be able to come out of the dark and into the light of celebrating the wonderful woman that you are on your continued journey to health and fitness. Thanks for such a thorough and candid share and I hope you have touched many people going through the same things. Be well and Stay Healthy!


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