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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Getting Fit Requires Breaking the Cycle of Bad Habits

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotHenry Ford 

Getting fit requires breaking the cycle of bad habits that created an unhealthy body. That means taking responsibility for our fitness and doing what it takes to get healthy.

Changing our habits can be tough because fitness doesn't magically happen. Ready for some hard work?

Bad habits keep us trapped in a life of emotional stress, unhealthiness, and inability to move forward with self-improvement. Repeating unhealthy behaviors is not loving or respecting our body. In order to create good habits, ending the cycle of what you have always done will be the start of great things.

Bad habit cycles can include poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, living unhealthy in general and being in denial about it. Many turn to alcohol, drugs, smoking, binge eating or not eating to cope with life. Our choices have created unhealthy people.

Being in denial about bad habit cycles is a form of nonacceptance. It's refusing to face what needs to be changed.

Repeating bad habits makes us feel unhealthy, stressed and unhappy. Unfortunately, many of us consider this way of life normal. Why has being unhealthy become an acceptable way to live? It has become a way of existence but not really living life to its potential.

Many of us are over fat, sick and angry but refuse to look at ourselves as the cause of the problem. Instead, we choose to repeat bad habits keeping us in an unhealthy lifestyle.

Well, isn't it time we take our heads out of the unhealthy sand? We are our problem but we are also our solution. When we start making the necessary choices to change our health, our health will be changed. That means discontinuing bad habits and implementing a new healthy lifestyle.

Health and fitness is a process of self-improvement including physical and emotional health. It will require making changes and removing bad habits. It will take mental strength to remain true to healthy choices. Reaching your goals will require giving 100% effort.

The journey will not be easy. We aren't promised easy in this life. However, we do have a choice on how we're going to live. As long as our focus is on personal progress and becoming healthier versions of ourselves, we are good.

I believe all of us want a better, healthy life. Right? Each one of us has the responsibility and choice to make that happen by breaking the cycle of bad habits. Your life, your body, and your choice. What do you say?

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Be well and Stay Healthy


  1. Really inspirational blog, you're right. People often get stuck in bad habits because they're stuck in a cycle, usually because of necessity.

  2. Great points here. It's so important to know how to break your bad habits in order to be as healthy as possible. Thanks for sharing!

  3. "Being in denial about bad habit cycles is a form of nonacceptance. It's refusing to face what needs to be changed." -- So true. I really needed to read this tonight, thank you. Motivation to change is born of being sick of the status quo.

    1. Hi Sean and thanks for reading. Enjoyed your feedback! Stay motivated, be well and Stay Healthy.


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