Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Keep Going When Life and Fitness Feels Hard

Life is filled with hard days and not dealing with whatever feels overwhelming would be preferable. Unfortunately, that isn't how life works. 

What remains important is being able to navigate through the ups and downs with healthy responses, attitudes, and choices.

I am just like you and not immune to having down days, life challenges, and lacking exercise motivation. These are the days I would appreciate a hard push from a trainer to help get me through. Because not every day goes as planned and nutrition can get off track.

Sometimes, it's ok to take a step back and away from the gym when you're tired and burned out. These are the days sitting in an Epsom salt bath may take priority. Your feelings are absolutely normal and not a reason to quit but to grow in a positive way. You get back up the next day and carry on.

Life will have challenges and success comes from how you handle the discomfort. Building muscle is an uncomfortable process but you persevere to achieve a positive result. 

Goals are achieved through planning and action. Workouts will be exhausting and eating healthy is sometimes tiresome, but tired or not, giving up is never an option. It's important to keep going when fitness feels hard. It will never be easy but you do get stronger.

As long as you give your best no matter what that looks like, it's good enough. Today, my best came through taking an Epsom salt bath, and right now my sore muscles are saying thank you. Did you achieve your best today? Something to think about on your fitness journey.

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  1. Great encouragement to me not only for exercise and nutrition but for life....God bless you with His health and peace and joy.....His peace

  2. Hi Lee

    Thanks for reading and glad I could provide encouragement through the post. I appreciate your kind feedback and God blessings.

    Take Care

  3. Having back and knee pain and looking for ways to "work through" it! Also fighting hyperthyroidism and the meds cause me to gain weight! Ugh!
    Thanks for posting this article!

    1. Hi Judith. Sorry for the delayed response and hope your pain is reduced and health is improving overall. Keep taking care of you.


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