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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Nutrition Plays the Largest Role in Achieving Fitness

What we eat plays the largest role in our health and fitness. Working out is a great compliment and necessary to create a balanced program. However, there are more hours outside the gym and in the kitchen making or breaking our fitness goals.

Eating right requires a fairly disciplined nutrition program consuming wholesome real food, mostly plants. This is not to say eating the occasional treat is off limits because that isn't realistic. Sticking to healthy eating 80 to 90% of the time is enough to maintain a fit and healthy body.

When eating right and exercise becomes a lifestyle, there is no stress or overthinking the process. We operate on auto-pilot doing what feel is natural and normal. We would feel weird eating crappy and suffer the consequences of not feeling good the next day.

Nutrient timing or eating superfoods every several hours is typical for those living a healthy lifestyle. There is not much thought in calorie counting or fear of eating too much but a focus on consuming quality nutrients. We take on an eat to live philosophy functioning at it's best without even realizing it. As long as the food is healthy, wholesome and nutrient-dense, we feel great eating it.

Keeping a food journal to start eating healthier can be a helpful tool. After awhile, you will find it's no longer required because you are simply living what you have learned.

Adopting healthy eating habits is a process so allow yourself to be a beginner. The goal is enjoying the process regardless of how long it takes. Results of eating right include feeling your best because our food is medicine, fuel, muscle building and stress relieving.

Eating healthy should be a simplistic and realistic way of living. Nutrition should never feel like a burden. It is really a fun adventure of change learning how to substitute unhealthy choices for healthier alternatives.

It is true we can't out exercise a crappy diet. Succumbing to food guilt and using exercise as a punishment is not the path to fix the issue. Learning how to eat right to achieve our fitness goals is the answer and there is never guilt connected to that.

Healthy food can also be considered preventative medicine. Eating wholesome food, mostly plants is shown to reduce inflammation, in turn reducing our risk of disease.

Want to feel better and improve your quality of life overall?  Start eating healthy. What we choose to eat and do daily is a choice. Our choices determine the type of life we want to live. Wishing for good health just doesn't happen, but when we apply the work is what creates positive change.

The effort to eat right becomes a habit which creates a healthy lifestyle. Eventually, you look back and don't even think about how hard it was but how great it feels now. Congratulations, you made it!

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Be Well and Stay Healthy

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