Thursday, August 6, 2020

I Maintain a Fit Body Eating Lots of Carbs

Being called skinny has always bugged me. I have had my share of teasing as a kid and even into adulthood. Body shaming goes both ways in this life.

Love Yourself

What's important is loving yourself right where you are while working toward your goals.

It wasn't until discovering how to build curves with resistance training that my life changed for the better.

I was blessed with my Dad's genetics and thankful, but it has been a challenge to put on weight including muscle. I'm also constantly hungry and seem to burn up energy faster than the average person.

I turn to healthy carbs to fuel my body and feel good throughout the day. I can feel lightheaded if I go too long without eating, especially carbs.

Some of the carbs I eat on a regular basis include:

  • oats
  • quinoa
  • seeded whole grain bread
  • whole-grain tortillas
  • sweet and white potatoes
  • brown rice
  • veggies and fruits
  • 100% juice (pomegranate, green juice)

Metabolism and Gains

My metabolism seems to work faster than I can fuel my body. Some people say they can just look at food and gain 5lbs whereas the opposite happens to me.

I will not exercise if I feel hungry and prefer to down a healthy meal before hitting the weights. I'm definitely not a candidate for fasting to improve athletic performance or to reduce body fat.

I just so happen to be one of those people on the other side of the spectrum that works hard to gain weight. This doesn't mean I want to gain by eating lots of crap to achieve skinny fat. My goal is to maintain or increase lean muscle mass by eating healthy carbs, lean proteins, and good fats.

Genetics and Goals

Genetics do play a small role in your physical appearance, but you absolutely have the power to change things by what you eat and how you challenge your body. I work hard and eat to support my goals. I don't believe in diets nor do I teach that in my personal training practice.

Genetics may predispose some of us to obesity but that doesn't mean we're to accept it and not try to be a healthy person. The same goes for lean genetics like mine. We're all on this fitness journey together with differing body types and how they function.

Regardless of your body makeup, it's important to put up a fight for what you want and not give up.

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  1. I do know a few 'skinny' people who are just like you. Although, I am the other way (I tend to bulk easily and look like a line backer, not good on a woman of 40+) I did get some good info from you. Thank you. I got here by checking out the 'metabolism meltdown' article. That one was very good. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your share and the fabulous thing about fitness is finding what works best for our body type. Glad you enjoyed my article and I will continue to supply fresh content here and my sports nutrition page. Be well and Stay Healthy!

  2. Hi Darla! This is an amazing post that really resonates with me! This afternoon I just deleted MyFitnessPal app because I realized how important it is for me to listen to my body and nourish it with the proper nutrients it needs. While the app may tell me that I've had my carb maximum for the day, my body screams out to me that it needs more carbs. I'm slowly recovering as well as building a positive body image. I may be the "skinny" person or the "curvy" one, but I've told myself that I'll love myself and the genetics I was given, but I know that it is ME that changes and determines everything. Thanks once again for the post.

    xoxo, Stephanie

    1. Thanks Stephanie for your personal share and feedback.The thing about our fitness journey is that it is individual and not general and thankfully so. Love your positive attitude. Be well and Stay Healthy!


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