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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Make Fitness a Lifestyle not a Temporary Resolution

We don't need a January or upcoming event to get fit. Life is the event and we're failing to make health and fitness a priority.

Why does a New Year motivate us to become a "new you"? Regardless of when it happens, we all desire self-improvement. This can mean different things to everyone.

Weight loss, toning and gaining muscle are always at the top of the wish list. Working in the fitness industry over 30 years, January is one of my busiest times. Although happy for the job security, I'm disenchanted about temporary resolutions. My wish is for fitness to be a year-round life long goal.

New fitness programs always begin with a gung-ho attitude but often run out of steam a month or two down the road. Sadly, a large percentage of people return to unhealthy habits after only a few weeks. Beginning a fitness plan can feel easy, fun and fabulous. The struggle seems to be in continuing the lifestyle. Typically, unrealistic goals are initially set making it impossible to adhere to the new changes. Disenchantment with overly strict healthy food changes and over-committed workouts cause many to give up.

The majority want to make changes but expect it to happen tomorrow. They fail to take into consideration years of living unhealthy. Patience and self-acceptance need to be part of the resolution decision and also going about it with realistic expectations.

If you have been overweight and without muscle definition most of your life, it's unreasonable to think a week of healthy eating and pumping iron is going to magically create results. Results take time. Lack of patience and frustration usually send people running to a quick fix pseudo-fitness plan. The only thing achieved here is spending tons of cash on unregulated pills and powders. Nothing is gained except a continued unhealthy body left without proper nutrition and exercise knowledge.

If you are serious about your fitness resolution, allow yourself to be a beginner and accept your current body. Progress slowly with choices you can live with, be happy about, and maintain for a lifetime. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will you. Focus on the now and be proud of each step taken toward your goals.

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Be well and Stay Healthy



  1. Great post! Happy new year 2016!

    1. Thanks Ovbal and Happy New Year. Be well and Stay Healthy!

  2. It's a good case you've made here no doubt, and it comes at the right point in time:when the New Year is here. It's time to match word with action because if you continue to give excuses, you'll always have more excuses to give which is why many lives ended up in the grave and never actualized.

    But I have something important to add to this: the importance of the mind in the whole thing. I know we all have ourselves to blame when we fail, but I realize we tend to succeed more by viewing ourselves more positively. Instead of thinking of our faults, let's focus on our potentials. We all have them a lot (I mean potentials) although many of us fail to see them, blinded by our self-condemnation. For example, instead of blaming ourselves for failing to live healthily, we could think more of our innate will power by which we can actually accomplish anything under the sun. Thank you. I'll come back.

    1. Hi Mondia. I appreciate your awesome blog feedback. Being positive is definitely an important part of our health and fitness. Be well and Stay Healthy!

  3. Resolutions are just a constant reminder of how uncommitted we are to changing our lifestyle. Always settle for the permanent solution!

    1. Love this! Thanks for sharing and Stay Healthy :)


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