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Friday, October 19, 2018

Take The Busy Out of Your Life For Better Health and Fitness

It's not about having time but making time for health and fitness. Right?

We all have busy lives. The problem is the need for better time management and taking some of the busy out of your life.

Too often the day gets away from us and the justification not to exercise seems acceptable. The longer the day goes on, it's easier to say forget it. This has become the norm and habitual routine for many people.

Other things become a priority and we tend to use being busy as an excuse to skip a workout or eat right. That high energy morning and missed window to exercise turns into dreading to do it later. So, it doesn't get done. Sound familiar?

Make Fitness Happen

I just so happen to prefer morning workouts and understand the feeling of pushing through later. It sucks but doesn't mean to skip the workout. Discipline means doing what you need to do even when you don't feel like doing it. The point is not to let yourself down and make fitness happen. You can only blame yourself for the consequences of not taking care of your fitness.

There will be times missing a workout can't be helped and that's acceptable. However, and to be honest, this is a rare occasion. Fitness takes good planning, making time and not skipping a workout no matter what. Without a plan, it's just a wish and without making the time, it's not going to happen.

Own Your Fitness

Many people go through life making so many excuses about not having time to exercise or eat right. Really? I love that quote "someone busier than you is working out right now" and that's a true story.

What needs to happen is for you to own your fitness. That means owning your excuses as well. Being healthy means being honest with yourself and willing to admit when fitness is something you dread. Now that's the beginning of a revelation to start getting healthy.

Ask yourself why you feel the way you do about fitness? Why are you procrastinating or not interested in taking care of your health?  What's so burdensome about moving your body for a few minutes each day and eating healthy?

These are important questions that need answers.

Change Your Mental Game

It's not about time at all, but your feelings toward working out and eating right. Honesty is always the best way to create change. Your fitness success requires a change in your mental game.

The truth of the matter is what's important to you gets done. Everyone has time to hit up social functions, watch hours of TV, and surf the web. When it comes to one hour of exercise, the busy button somehow gets turned on. Presented with an invite to meet a friend for a drink, and suddenly a burst of energy occurs.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, an unhealthy epidemic is happening because too many people are refusing to take the time for health and fitness. Those who exercise and eat right on a consistent basis are in the minority. This really needs to change. Agreed?

Without making time to take care of your health, you will eventually be making time for illness.

May your goals include taking some busy out of your life and making time to get healthy. It's never too late to change your life.

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Be well and Stay Healthy


  1. Right on! I totally agree with you, especially since fitness really SHOULD be a commitment.

  2. Lately, I have been using the excuse that I am too busy to go to the gym or get in a quick workout. The fact of the matter is that if I changed my schedule a little, I will have time for it. No more excuses for me!

    1. Awesome share Sophia! You CAN do it. Be well and Stay Healthy


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