Monday, February 6, 2017

A Healthy Lifestyle is the Only Way to True Fitness

Trying to achieve the so-called perfect body causes many of us to take drastic measures. Whether from detox cleanses, extreme caloric restriction, surgical change of normal organ function, to outward cosmetic procedures. All those methods don't mean a thing if a healthy lifestyle is left out of the equation.

No matter what you do, it's still about the lifestyle. Extreme measures without learning how to buy, cook and eat healthy foods won't do it. Without regular exercise or nutrition knowledge, it's all wasted time and money.

What happens when you reach the end of one of those popular restricted calorie shake diets? What did you learn? Are you prepared to eat right and educated with a lifelong nutrition program?

What happens after a few fat cells have been sucked out (liposuction) and you are still hitting the pizza and donuts? The same goes for surgically altering your stomach with a band and still continuing to eat fries and drink soda. What has been learned?

This is exactly the point. What is truly being learned about health, fitness, nutrition and how to achieve it?  Sadly, without the proper information to guide you toward a healthy lifestyle, most return to the weight and size (or larger) than prior to going drastic.

This blog is not to be judgemental or offensive, but to open your eyes to what it means to get healthy. Nothing inside a packaged shake mix or on an elective surgery table is going to provide health and fitness. Good health is achieved through daily food choices and exercise creating a habit that becomes a lifestyle.

The belief quick fixes can stand alone to create the hot body of your dreams is a fantasy. If product companies or surgeons are telling you some magic shake or getting something snipped will do it, they're wrong. I will go as far as to say negligent in feeding you a load of BS. Regardless of the procedure, it will take living a healthy lifestyle to maintain your body.

Have you fallen into the now trap? Quick fix solutions never provide permanent change.

Are you unwilling to invest time to learn how to eat right and enjoy awesome workouts? This is what it will take to get healthy. The desire is there, otherwise, you would not be seeking a way to get results. Why not get fit the right way and forget about how long it will take? The goal is enjoying the process, not the destination.

Are you are serious about getting fit and staying healthy? It's not found in a bottle or on a table, but in how you think and live. Change takes changing your daily routine. Start by writing down goals and begin a healthy lifestyle list.

What are some simple things you could do right now to get motivated and moving in the right direction? Build on your list and follow-through with your thoughts.

Short-term goals could be replacing processed foods in your refrigerator and pantry with healthy selections. Another could be adding exercise 3 times per week, or losing 5lbs. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is about daily progress and not perfection. Be patient, don't compare yourself to others, and celebrate each daily victory!

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Be well and Stay Healthy



  1. Telling it like it is. Nice. And thanks. :) I'm in..through the follow through.

  2. I just LOVE your blog! I have such a hard time maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so I really needed to hear this. Thanks so much!


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