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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stop Enabling Your Fitness

What comes to mind when you think of enabling someone ... healthy or unhealthy?  The recent definition refers to providing help that perpetuates a problem rather than fixes it. You know, the reasons and excuses we make to justify a person's behavior or actions even sacrificing our own health and well-being in doing so.

It can develop into such dysfunction where we actually believe we are helping a situation.  "The reality, though, is that enabling not only doesn't help, but it actively causes harm and makes the situation worse."  When an enabler steps in to help an addict, for example, they take away their motivation and desire to get help or change. According to Psychology Today, "enablers help addicts dig themselves deeper into trouble."  

What does this have to do with fitness? Well, it happens to pertain quite a bit to health and fitness.  Are you making excuses and justifications to not start a fitness program? Is it lack of time, your spouse, kids or even your friends keeping you from getting fit?

What unhealthy beliefs do you create preventing you from getting healthy and why are you enabling that? This is my point and yes, I strongly disagree with enabling behavior. It's time to stop enabling yourself. Being a healthy and fit person will take breaking the cycle of enabling.

When you stop enabling unhealthy thinking, you will see an improvement in your mental game, motivation to exercise and eating right. Continuing down a path of excuses will only make things worse and illness will eventually come knocking at your door.

We have only one body and playing around thinking our enabling behavior will not eventually bite us in the backside is negligent. Now is the time to make a shift toward healthy decisions. We can no longer hide behind our justifications holding us back. I know this is an in-your-face blog, but it's also what I call tough fitness love. So, are you ready to stop enabling yourself and get serious about your health and fitness?

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  1. I really needed to read this! I am pushing 58 years old and have never been this unhealthy. I have had a rough two years with the death of someone close to me, but I am identifying the ways in which I have been enabling myself in this, and am ready to give them up, move forward and reclaim my health. Thanks for this!!!

    1. Hi Annette,
      Sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing your personal life and thoughts and it sounds like you are creating a new healthy beginning. Happy to motivate. Be well and Stay Healthy! Darla

  2. I have a real problem with just not getting on with it! I refuse to be uncomfortable this summer, hoping your blog can help give me that boot :)

    1. Glad you are here and the fact you are reading my blog and thinking about getting started is a step in the right direction. Now put those thoughts into action and Stay Healthy!

  3. I also need all these tips on fitness. It is very helpful blog for me. Thanks for sharing it.


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