Thursday, June 25, 2020

Fake Health Foods Can Lead to Fake Fitness

Health food and marketing is big business. We have been hit hard with no-fat, low-fat, no sugar, no calories, and gluten-free to name a few. Food companies know how to work the trends and bring in the cash. Now, unhealthy organics are making headway.

As consumers, please be aware that organic labels don't always mean healthy. In fact, this fake health food leads to fake fitness. It's pumped full of sugar, preservatives, saturated fat, chemicals, and who knows what else. If a food product can sit on the shelf for a lifetime, there is something wrong.

Food companies are figuring out ways to dupe the consumer. Do you really believe organic Ruffles, Doritos, and Cheese Puffs are healthy?  Really!?

Chips are Chips

Sadly, consumers believe organic chips and similar items are healthy because they claim to be organic. I see so many people loading grocery carts full of these unhealthy organic food items.

The bottom line - chips are chips, organic, or not. Potato chips of any kind are one of the worst things to put in your body. Potato chips have one of the highest levels of acrylamide. Acrylamide is a chemical used for industrial purposes but is also formed when starchy foods like potato chips are cooked at high temperatures. It's also found in cigarette smoke. The chemical is shown to be linked to cancer and other diseases. Does that bag of chips still sound appealing?

Other food items try to squeak by stating they are minimally processed, but processed is processed.

Read the Ingredient Labels

Store shelves are lined with convenient organic items and granted some may be fabulous, but most are not. The ingredients tell the real story for anything in a box, bag, or wrapper. If you can't understand or pronounce what's on the ingredient label, you better believe it's a chemical sh*t storm.

Many fitness enthusiasts rely on protein and energy bars. Have you looked at those labels? Most are the same as eating a candy bar. These bars are also available in organic versions but does it make them any better? Removing pesticides is great but what about all the additives, preservatives, sugar, and salt?

When it comes to buying any food, rely on the ingredient label, and look for understandable quality ingredients. Fewer ingredients are better when it comes to packaged products.

Become Food Smart

Become wise consumers and discontinue believing fake health food marketing schemes. Eating a bag of organic chips post-workout isn't muscle recovery food. Reaching for that energy bar may not be the best choice, and forget the organic white pasta.

Real organic food is just that, real in its raw state. Sometimes organics can even look ugly with blemishes. It also ripens quickly.

It's important to understand whole foods are the most important part of getting healthy and staying that way.

Eat Right for Health

You achieve optimal fitness, improved athletic performance, fat loss, and muscle gain when you feed your body the good stuff.  Just because the label says organic, fat-free, gluten-free, or any "free" doesn't mean healthy.  Be a wise shopper and eat what you understand and what is real.

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