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Monday, October 7, 2019

Why Fitness Is Not Meant To Be Complicated

Fitness is meant to improve the quality of your life not to feel like a burden.

The only hard thing about fitness is negative thoughts about the process. We think it means surviving on a boring diet and endless hours of exercise. This is far from accurate. Fitness is not meant to be complicated and is actually an enjoyable lifestyle.

What needs to happen is rethinking and defining what fitness really means.

Don't Worry So Much

Think about your ancestors, many were farmers working crops from sunrise to sunset. They didn't worry about a diet. They spent hours doing physical labor, but it was a lifestyle and eating healthy was part of it. Nothing complicated, just some sweat, and eating home cooking straight from the garden.

Their bodies represented how they lived. A simple, active life eating mostly plant-based meals every day. It represents the best of living a healthy lifestyle. We would really benefit from this kind of simplicity and taking health and fitness back to the basics.

Everything was organic, real food and not processed food-like products.

Keeping fitness and nutrition simple eliminates worrying about food so much.

What Happened?

Unfortunately, simple active lifestyles have been replaced by couch potato channel surfing, eating processed food, and diets that don't work. This has resulted in an overweight society looking for a quick fix solution.

Getting fit doesn't take a miracle diet. In fact, most of us know what to do, but we just aren't doing it.

One of the problems continues to be unrealistic expectations and negative thinking about fitness. You want to lose 20 pounds in a week and look like a fitness model. Not going to happen.

You also want the process to be an easy quick fix without having to exercise or prepare healthy food. Results don't happen without putting in the work.

Fitness is Simple

Being fit and healthy is really simple. We choose to make it complicated. There is nothing difficult about eating mostly plant-based foods like greens and veggies. Enjoying grains, lean meats, and healthy fats is also enjoyable. Add in drinking plenty of water and exercising at least 4 times per week for a well-balanced healthy lifestyle. Sound reasonable?

There is nothing hard about it and it's not a diet. So, why is living healthy considered boring, tasteless, and the end of having fun? Society and marketing have done a great job brainwashing people to believe a load of crap.

Eating a fresh organic crisp apple or perfectly grilled chicken breast is not what I call horrible. Are you kidding me?  Remember eating celery stuffed with peanut butter? Now that's a healthy treat full of flavor and fun.

Being fit will take tossing the food myths and getting real with your thoughts about health. It will also require you to move your butt off the couch and into the gym.

Exercise means doing what you enjoy. Love basketball? Start playing. Enjoy dancing? Look into a Zumba class. I like to use the jungle gyms at parks and play around on those doing pull-ups, step-ups, and triceps dips for example.

The Bottom Line

No more excuses or belief that fitness is complicated. It's time to embrace the simplicity of the process and have fun on the journey.

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  1. I've been doing exercises and workouts for 10 years and all I can say is consistency is most hard part in fitness. All I can suggest is don't do it alone. Get some friends with you doing exercises and workouts this will kill your boredom.

  2. I am taking home online exercise last 2 years and i believe that if any one take their exercise daily anyone reach their goal. and thanks for sharing a nice article.

    1. You're welcome. Happy to hear you are making health a priority. Thanks for reading. Be well and Stay Healthy.


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