Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Negative Thinking Can Derail Your Health and Happiness

A large percentage of people are struggling with self-doubt and negativity toward themselves. This has lots to do with our perfectionist society placing so much pressure on people to obtain the unobtainable. 

Our self-scrutiny can be harsh as we tear down our bodies and life. This kind of negative thinking has the potential to derail your health and happiness.

You may put off making healthy choices and starting a fitness program because you just don't believe it's possible. But I am here to tell you that getting healthy and happy is possible for everyone at every age and stage in life.

Mental Outlook is Important

Your mental outlook is one of the most important parts of achieving success. Remember, your body achieves what the mind believes.

It's also important not to waste precious time caring what other people think and body comparisons because instead of being positive about fitness, we often become intimidated. Possibly even resentful and angry. This often leads to self-sabotage and what's the use of even trying attitudes.

Focus on You

Why are people still trying to live up to someone else's standards and fitness results? Your drive to accomplish the grass is greener on the other side does nothing but rob your positive thoughts. By remaining so focused on not measuring up, you're failing to see how fabulous you really are. Let's turn this around.

Each day is an opportunity to be proud of your efforts. Instead of being upset about losing only one pound, be happy to have lost one pound. Did you notice how that got switched around to a positive?

We have to stop believing everything we think about ourselves. This has become a big problem getting in the way of your health and fitness goals. And it will take mindfulness to be aware of negative thinking so it can be changed into positive thoughts about yourself.

Believe in Yourself

What you believe determines your life, health, and happiness. Negative thoughts take you down while positive feelings uplift and carry you to great places.

For example, getting fit takes acceptance of being a beginner and progressing each day. Not trashing yourself for not being as good as someone who has been working out for years. Did you exercise? Eat healthier? Awesome and be happy to have achieved a daily goal.

Fitness is really a simple process we often complicate with negative stuff. Time to toss out the negative committee living in your heads. You are stronger than all that useless noise between your ears.

Working on your mental outlook will help create a healthy, happy life. What I found to be helpful is writing positive affirmations on post-it notes where they are readily visible. Or writing on the bathroom mirror with dry-erase markers positive thoughts for the day. And it's not only important to read the words but also to believe the words.

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  1. Thanks!! I really needed this!!!!

    1. Thanks for reading :) Be well and Stay Healthy!

    2. Yes I liked what you said it was so inspiring,I muck around and procrastinate doing Workouts it going to the gym or do my exercise machines at home.you just moved me to get out and finish mowing my lawns.thats my workout for the day and I will be satisfied with that.thanks

    3. So glad to motivate. Keep being awesome!🙌🏻😀


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