Monday, March 8, 2021

Sorta Kinda Fitness Doesn't Work

You want to be fit, feel good and look great. Awesome!

Unfortunately, many people are going about it the wrong way. In fact, you may be searching the internet right now for the newest fad diet or quick fix to fitness.

The Problem

A common problem is our thoughts about fitness and not wanting to give up unhealthy habits for healthy ones. Instead of looking at what would be gained, there is a belief that something in life is lost. That fitness is a burdensome process.

This type of thinking usually leads to sorta kinda trying to get fit - guess what - sorta kinda results.

Sound familiar? You want results but just can't commit to a fit lifestyle. We often blame others and ourselves for eating off track and make excuses for missing workouts. When you give a small percentage to doing it right expect small rewards in return.

We are wasting too much time and missing too many opportunities to get healthy. Why is that? What is going on in your life where health is no longer a priority? Instead of trying to figure this out, unhealthy is accepted as the new normal. This is an unfortunate truth.

Other Factors

We have great intentions and even put in some effort to eat right and exercise - this is awesome! However, something happens to halt the process. Our mind plays negative games, you may hear a hurtful comment, or not seeing results can cause frustration.

Other sorta kinda fitness factors can include:
  • Partying too much with friends or at home.
  • Eating unhealthy processed food half the time.
  • Managing only one or two workouts per week. 
  • Being in denial about unhealthy habits

Resentment can also be a problem with sorta-kinda fitness. You fail to understand why you're not losing fat or not seeing muscle. This typically leads to negativity, more self-doubt, and believing fitness just can't happen for you.

Fixing the Problem

Acknowledging unhealthy habits keeping you from reaching your goals is important. If you believe nothing is wrong, nothing will change.

When you honestly start taking responsibility for your health is when true fitness happens. Fitness is a lifestyle and sorta kinda just doesn't work.

Helpful tips to adopt a healthy lifestyle include:
  • Stop looking for quick fixes
  • Drop the diet mentality 
  • Remain realistic about your results
  • Adopt a positive attitude
  • Focus on health not weight
  • Be patient with your progress
  • Keep going

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  1. Thanks for the share! Great article

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by for a read Marylewis! Be well and Stay Healthy.

  3. Like everything you post for the most part, but have a question. Focus on health and not weight? Is that a blanket belief true for everyone? In my own journey I was doing a lot of things right and a lot of things healthy, but things never changes for me until I started focusing on losing weight along with getting fit and being more, conscious of my overall nutrition. And in my experience if you focus on weight the right way and by that I mean eating healthy and exercising it seems weight-loss follows. So why not focus on weight-loss? Just trying to get a feel for your belief about that not arguing at all. You've been at this way longer than my 14 months and I'm just trying to figure out where I stand on that statement. There are people I respect you included that seem to be on opposite sides. Focus on weight-loss and health follows or focus on health and weight-loss follows. Trying to figure out where I fall between these two philosophies. 🤔

  4. Hi Dan

    Thanks for reading and awesome question. Although I don't believe this Blog specifically addresses this question, I am happy to provide some feedback.

    I believe there is a balance where focusing on health and weight loss can work together. The primary emphasis professionally speaking is to achieve your best health physiologically, physically, and mentally. This will look different for everyone.

    I like to coach on teaching healthy habits as addressed in this blog post replacing unhealthy habits. Consistent healthy habits (eating right and proper portions, consistent exercise, etc) does lead to weight loss or achieving that healthy weight where you feel and look your best.

    I am a strong motivator for good health and that includes maintaining a weight that is healthy for the body. Again, this will look different for each person. So in a way both do coexist as each person implements a healthy lifestyle.

    That said, I am glad you have found what works for you to reach personal fitness goals, weight loss, and ultimately good health. This is what matters. As long as the number on the scale doesn't become an obsessive thing that you feel defines you. This is where I run into problems helping people shift from looking at themselves as a number and focusing on getting healthy.

    It sounds like you are on the right track for you - awesome feedback. All fitness programs will be different for each person and really trial and error until you find that sweet spot of success.

    All the best to you and Stay Healthy.


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