Thursday, May 12, 2022

12 Things Not To Do If You Want to Get Fit

There are plenty of articles telling you how to get fit, but what about things you shouldn’t be doing to accomplish this goal? The truth is there are certain strategies that fit people use to achieve results and maintain their bodies. So what exactly are they not doing that you can learn from to get fit?

The following list will cover 12 things not to do if you want to get fit:

1. Procrastinate

Waiting wastes your time and negatively affects your health. If you want to get fit, it will take action starting now and not tomorrow. Fit individuals don’t wait around for things to happen, they make fitness results happen.

2. Make Excuses

Excuses don’t burn calories or improve your health. You want to improve your fitness but keep coming up with reasons not to do the work. Fit people understand the importance of their health, make it a priority, and live a disciplined lifestyle. This includes exercising even when they don't feel like it.

3. Go on a Diet

Going on a diet only provides short-term results and lots of frustration. Weight loss may happen initially but returns, plus some, when the diet is over. Fit people consume nutritious foods most of the time and accept that all foods have a place in a healthy lifestyle. Food freedom eliminates food restriction, removes food guilt, and allows for a nutrition plan that is sustainable. 

4. Bash Yourself

Negative self-talk and body shaming aren't beneficial to you or your fitness. You desire to look good but aren’t able to accept who you are now while working on the body you want. Fit and healthy people maintain a positive attitude, self-love, and body acceptance every step of the fitness journey.

5. Avoid Making Health and Fitness a Priority

Not making fitness a priority is a big reason you do not see results. You want to be fit but are not willing to take the time to eat right, exercise, and get plenty of rest. There is always something more important than you. Fit individuals see the value of health improvement and make the time to live a healthy lifestyle.

6. Compare Your Progress

Your fitness results will differ from another. Constantly comparing your body and fitness program with your friend or whoever can lead to frustration, disappointment, and even quitting. Fit people focus on their own body, progress, and do what works best for them without caring what other people think.

7. Get Fit for Others

Getting fit to please someone else is not really taking care of you for you. Others can disappoint you and even make you feel bad about your fitness efforts. The reason to get fit and feel good is a decision fit people make for themselves for their own happiness and health.

8. Expect Instant Results

Fitness results take time and many people struggle with being patient for realistic results. This often leads to frustration and searching for the next fad diet program offering false guarantees. Fit individuals maintain a relaxed mindset, trust the process, and realize getting healthy is a consistent process that requires patience.

9. Focus on Slipups

Being focused on slipups like eating a cookie instead of celebrating daily fitness efforts is a problem. Slipups are part of life, health, and fitness but many people are unable to accept slipups are part of the program. Instead, food guilt and negative self-talk make a fit lifestyle feel like a burden. Those who live a fit lifestyle understand it’s not perfect, do their best each day, focus on the positive, and enjoy all foods as part of a balanced healthy life.

10. Fear Trying New Things

Doubt and fear steal more dreams than failure ever will. You want to get fit but fear the gym environment, being around new people, and trying new things. This kind of thinking can become an excuse for not getting involved in a fitness program. Fit people will try new things even if they feel scared or intimidated because they understand the health benefits gained are life-long compared to a temporary feeling.

11. Sabotage Your Program

A fitness program can be easily sabotaged by your own choices or the influence of others. Skipping workouts becomes more frequent, and eating healthy, is inconsistent. The program may have started strong but no longer is a priority. Those maintaining fit and healthy bodies keep their exercise appointments and eat healthy at least 80% of the time.

12. Give Up

If you stop now, what was it all for in the first place? You may be unhappy about lots of things like not seeing results, exercise, and a restrictive diet. Instead of trying a better strategy, many people choose to return to unhealthy habits. Giving up is not respecting your body or your health. Fit people never give up and if something isn’t working, they keep trying until they find what does work best for their body, health, and life.

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  1. The world needs more people like Darla!!!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment. Be well and Stay Healthy!

    2. Thanks for all this info, you are a fitness G.O.A.T. Love it…

  2. Thanks for such amazing guide for fitness.

    1. You're welcome and appreciate the positive feedback.

  3. Thank you. I'm guilty of a few things on this list

    1. Hi Linda - you're welcome. And I believe many people struggle with things on this list. Keep being awesome.

  4. Your inspiring.


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