Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Are New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Temporary?

The New Year is a celebration of the past 365 days and looking forward to positive change in the future.

Many resolutions are made to live healthier, better, and longer moving forward. Are you planning to do that this upcoming new year?

The Problem

I'm honestly not impressed with New Year's resolutions and here's why - they are often just a temporary condition.

I'm not being a Darla downer here and the biggest cheerleader for those keeping their resolutions to get and stay healthy.

I am not a believer in waiting for a New Year to get healthy. The moment is always now to improve yourself IMO.


What Is a Resolution?

Do you know the word resolution means a firm decision to do or not do something? It's a promise to yourself that should be taken seriously. Too often these promises fizzle out in a few short months.

This continues to remain the largest problem with resolutions to get healthy. Many people are motivated in the beginning but it doesn't last long.

Why Wait?

I don't feel a special day is required to commit to improving your health. Each day should be about making healthy choices and doing your best. And the longer you wait, the longer it will take to achieve results.


Marketing Madness

Do you spend lots of money on fad diets and supplements at New Year's?

The fitness industry is a multi-billion-dollar business ready for you during its biggest money-making holiday. Companies marketing fitness products are saying everything you want to hear to get you to buy.

They will promise you quick weight loss, increased muscle size, and improved athletic performance. As consumers, many of you are believing the claims and overspending on pseudo-fitness.

This is nothing but marketing madness on steroids.


The Excuse Holiday

How many of you are using the holiday season to be unhealthy until New Year?

Many people feel validated to eat and drink whatever they want until resolution day. This is unhealthy thinking and behavior. How is using a holiday as an excuse to overindulge for several months considered a good thing?

I see nothing healthy about this mindset.

Studies indicate resolutions last for about 4 weeks. So, all that overeating, weight gain, hangovers, and stress overload is for nothing. It's an excuse to be negligent with your body and health.

Better Thinking

Instead of feeling entitled to disregard your health heading into New Year, it would be better to adopt an appreciation for being a fit person and celebrating that accomplishment.

As far as resolutions are concerned, I believe in daily resolutions. These would be choices and changes to improve your life each day, not just for a month. This may include improved ways to exercise, getting more rest, or spending quality time with your spouse. You get the point.

New Year is a meaningful way to celebrate your healthy achievements made over 365 days. It's a fabulous celebration and reflection of the past year and the New Year to come.

If you're resolving to become healthier and New Year just so happens to be the day of that choice, my advice is to take it seriously and make it a priority.


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