About Me

Hello - I am so happy you are here!

My Blog is a very candid share of my life, fitness, personal opinions, and motivation. And I want to say thanks for reading the content - I look forward to your feedback

Sometimes I can be goofy, but it makes for a great experience. Life is too short not to be positive and laugh a lot. Most of the time, I write from the heart, inspirations, and what comes to mind. I think it makes it very personal like you and I are having a conversation.

I am many things in this life: wife, mother, grandmother, trainer, writer, daughter, sister, and friend. What do I believe about my life: I have been on a daily journey to be a better person. Learning from each experience, taking from it the positive and leaving the rest behind.

My Love For Fitness

My love for fitness started when I was in junior high school. My mentors were my physical education teachers. Through high school, I admired them and thrived from their encouragement. To this day, I believe I am a better person because of them. I wanted to do for others what they had done for me and my dream to teach fitness has been a strong one all my life.

I'm also very passionate about cooking and baking and have to say that comes from my Mom. I was always in the kitchen with my Mother cooking something up. Cooking and baking are very therapeutic for me and a fabulous escape into creating something wonderful. I'm happy to share this passion as a feature writer for Natural Muscle Magazine where my monthly recipe submissions are shared all around the world.

Personal Stuff

Because everything about my life has molded me into the woman I am today, I will share a bit more. It's always hard to know just how deep to go in an about me page. So I will give a reader's digest version. 

I was married at 18 and for 22-years struggled in an unhealthy relationship. I learned many positive things during such a difficult time and have 2 beautiful children. Life has a way of giving quite the education about boundaries, self-worth, love, and health.  Also, an understanding of what is healthy and what is not, and what is good for me and what is not. 

I look back on the journey and say thank you. I would not be where I am today without growing through such hurt and pain. Difficult times brought positive growth returning to college and completing my AS Biological and Natural Life Science degrees. I also graduated as a certified massage practitioner specializing in sports and deep tissue. 

I have been an internationally certified personal fitness trainer for over 30 years. Continuing education is an ongoing process in my expert field of personal training and bodywork. 

Happiness and Marriage

Being healthy in all aspects of life feels fabulous. God had a plan for me when I met the man intended to be in my life at age 45. For the first time, I finally knew what love was in feeling, word, and action. I ponder on how it has taken half my life to get to this point. I can truly say great things come to those who wait, have hope, and believe. Success and happiness define my marriage to Don. When it's right and true, everything comes together naturally without effort. It just flows. We married in 2010.

My Injuries

Imagine being an extreme athlete and because of a severe injury having all that come to an end. I was unable to do my job and existed on ice packs for months.

My string of injuries began with an auto accident in my early 30s. I suffered a cervical herniated disc and rupture requiring surgery. I now have a double fusion and plate installed in my neck. Because I was fit and healthy, I was able to recover fairly well from my first injury. Within 6-months I was back to somewhat active, but not fully resuming anything extreme. 

Moving forward to the 90s, I had to have colon surgery. This was very scary and again meant more time off to recover physically. It would take another book to write this story. Being healthy has allowed me to recover from surgeries quicker and resume somewhat normal activities. 

Another auto accident happened in 2003 and more neck injury.  I was so frustrated at this point. People really need to stay off my rear end from now on. Early-onset cervical dystonia or torticollis was diagnosed due to the trauma. My surgeon wrote down permanently disabled in my records. He said I required full reconstructive cervical surgery and put me off work. I was filled with feelings of fear, failure, loss, desperation, and humbled by this horrible thing I had no control over.

I thought to myself: who was I, what can I do, what would I do? I was no longer the athlete I used to be all my life. This was hard to accept and many days I lost hope. I remember praying to God each night to please let me wake up and be better. It seemed to never happen. This became my time of soul-searching. I needed a whole new attitude about my physical condition. I was determined to get better, avoid surgery, utilize my knowledge to help myself, and I did. I began a course of self physical therapy starting with ice and rest. I needed that and more importantly, finally accepted that.  

Each week shed small improvements in my condition. I was getting better. I was healing and the pain became tolerable as I continued to persevere. My journey of injury and the process of healing created a new modified me.

Exercise Limitations

I can no longer perform many of the exercises pre-accident and do feel a loss. However, part of this journey is accepting who I am today. I'm humbled and truly appreciative of what I can do now. I have worked hard and celebrate each day as a gift.

I bring my best effort to those exercises I can do and that is what's important. My philosophy is to be the best you can be taking genetics and any limitations into consideration. We are promised all things are possible and I'm a walking example of that.

Do I still have the injury and cervical dystonia? Yes, but I applaud the woman I am today in spite of the injury. I feel stronger physically and emotionally having gone through the experience. I have also gained even more compassion for helping people with injury and special circumstances. I can truly say, I understand. 

Personal Training and Freelance Writing

Lots of great things have happened since my injuries and recovery. I returned to running my personal training business full-time, my true passion in life.  And I began blogging and writing about health and fitness on a regular basis. 

Coming full circle with personal training and writing felt like a brand new adventure even after working in the fitness industry for over 25 years. The excitement and positive energy of how far I'd come fueled even more drive to succeed. My blog content was discovered and opened the door to start contracted freelance writing in 2015 for various online health networks.

My ability to help people continues to grow personally and online. I feel really good about where I am in life as a trainer and published writer. I love to teach people how to adopt healthy lifestyles in the right way.

Good health and fitness are accomplished through consistent exercise, healthy nutrition, and overall balance of life. I don't believe in quick fixes or gimmicks to achieve pseudo results. I teach realistic sustainable healthy methods to achieve lifetime fitness goals. 

It has been such a blessing to help people through differing circumstances. And being part of renewed health and happiness for each client is beyond amazing. Becoming the best version of yourself is something to celebrate.

Sharing My Life

I love to help people by example and teaching. I want everyone to know they can adopt a healthy lifestyle no matter what the circumstance. I want to be the voice you hear telling you to please take care of yourself. Please eat healthy foods and exercise. Find true happiness, love, and believe in yourself.  Life is too short not to do all these things. I hope you feel all the support coming through.

Blog Sponsorship

I believe health and fitness should be affordable for everyone. I also feel this Blog is the start of great things for you and I. My eventual desire with enough sponsorship is to create an interactive Blog. My goal for the blog is to offer a complete support page to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. I'm very excited about what the Stay Healthy Fitness Blog would be able to provide in the future.

Please use my contact page to get in touch if you're interested in sponsorship and I look forward to hearing from you. 

Stay Healthy Fitness Blog Disclaimer:
This Blog is for information only and NOT to replace obtaining a physician clearance prior to beginning any and all fitness/nutrition programs.