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Thursday, February 13, 2014


As Valentine’s Day is upon us tomorrow, I think about commitment and how it not only matters in my marriage but also in my fitness and overall health.  They both take dedication and work right?  Think about that: if you cheat on your marriage, it will not work…if you cheat on your health, it will not work…see what I mean.  In order to maintain a happy, healthy relationship, it takes commitment, effort and work on a daily and consistent basis.  

In this journey of life, I have learned what I do and do not want, and I certainly have found a gem in my husband and cherish our relationship as top priority.  I feel the same way about my fitness and realize that my life is a precious gift worthy of my time and attention to reduce the risk of illness and maintain a healthy quality of life.  Commitment is a word that I do not use lightly and is a promise that I will maintain my relationship in a healthy way with my hubby and with myself. 

Really, I do not need a special Hallmark day to tell me that, because every day is Valentine’s Day in my life with my honey and my health.  I treat both with tender loving care, appreciation, time and attention.  Commitment to the things that matter is important and believe me, there are plenty of “busy things” in life that just do not matter.  I like that motivational saying “when you are committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results”.  I believe in seeing positive results in my marriage and health and if I do not take the healthy action steps to make that happen, that is on me.  I have worked too hard and long in my life to not make the most of each day, and  appreciate what good health and true love feels like.   

I will be fifty soon, and it has taken half my lifetime to reach the maturity of emotional, spiritual and physical well-being that I understand today.  The bumpy road along the way was difficult, but through patience, perseverance, and commitment to want more for me in every aspect of life, the journey was meant to be and is always a “to be continued” story.  The importance of commitment is also patience through the process as nothing happens overnight.  There is no such thing as here today and gone tomorrow and rushing life to get no-where is certainly not on any page that I am writing.

I dedicate this Blog to the love of my life, my best friend, prayer partner, and greatest support I have ever known.  To my husband:  I love you “Forever and a Day” and every day is Valentine’s Day with you. 

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  1. Really beautiful blog post! I was hooked by the quote on FB. I started my fitness journey about a year ago and have found myself committed (not just interested). I am 42 and probably the best shape in 20 years!!


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