Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Changing Your Body Requires Changing Your Lifestyle

HOW are you living?

Are you stuck in a rut, not feeling well most of the time, and just not living healthy?

How about feeling burned out and unmotivated?

Did you know burnout and frustration are the top reasons people give up and return to unhealthy habits? 

The problem is most of us are unwilling to change things about our life so positive changes can happen. You want the look and feel of good health but really aren't putting forth a change to experience change.

Straight up - change requires change. If you're unhappy with your health, body, or life in general, a deliberate choice to change needs to happen.  

The Struggle is Real

Sometimes it's a difficult process to implement necessary changes to better your health and life. Self-sabotage often gets in the way of your attempts to get healthy. Eating too much of the wrong things, not being able to resist temptations, and making excuses not to exercise are all examples of self-sabotage.

Getting mad about it doesn't bring about what needs to happen. Making a promise to yourself to change and following through with that change is what will make the difference in your life.

I suppose if anger was channeled into positive action and motivates positive change, then getting mad temporarily could be an OK thing. However, anger often leads to bitterness and a give-up attitude. It's best to remain positive while making positive changes. 

Change Takes a Choice

Change takes making a choice and having patience. It's also a focus on progress and not perfection. As you strive to change your health and fitness, it's important to realize it will be a journey and a challenge.

Remember challenges in life are what change you. They are the learning tools of becoming a healthy person physically and emotionally.

You have heard the saying 'do what you have always done and you will get what you have always gotten.' This is true for life, fitness, and health. Without changing what you're doing now, you will remain in the same state of unhealthiness.

It's important to start owning the unhealthy parts of your life so you can figure out what needs to be done to change each area. 

Be Honest with Yourself

Are you unhealthy, unhappy, stressed, anxious, angry, or whatever question you want to answer? Why and what needs to be done to change that? Write it down.

The goal for each of us is to implement appropriate changes to create healthy changes in our life. Once health is made a priority, you will start feeling better and motivated to make even more positive changes. 

What areas in the list below require a change to improve your health:

  • I need to eat better
  • I need to exercise
  • I need to reduce stress
  • I need to deal with this anger problem
  • I need to have a better balance in my life
  • I need to sleep better
  • I need to drink more water
  • I need to stop smoking
  • I need to reduce my alcohol intake
  • I need to start making my health a priority

Improving your health and fitness reduces illness, enables you to handle stress, and creates a happier state of well-being. 

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  1. Very important pieces of those checklist to improve health.Having a proper living style is necessary.That however requires a discipline that is difficult !

    1. Hi Brenda and thanks for reading. Yes, living healthy requires discipline, and sometimes it can be challenging. Discipline is what carries us through when motivation is lacking. You can do it! Stay Healthy :)

  2. Great read! Really enjoy your posts! Keep it’re inspiring your readers, myself included!

    1. Thanks for reading! Keep up the fit lifestyle and Stay Healthy.

  3. I've been so down on my weight & not having the flat stomach I use to have 3 years ago. I'm 50 & motivational I've not been. I admire your great bubbably spirit!:) Jackie

    1. Hi Jackie

      Thanks for your kind feedback. Sorry to hear about your struggle with weight gain. Health and fitness is a really a journey of loving yourself through every transition in life. Menopause/perimenopause can bring about frustrating changes. Hang in there and try your best to stay motivated, exercise regularly, and eat healthy most of the time. When health and self love remains the focus, our outlook on life and body is much more positive. I hope that helps. Keep being awesome!


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