Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Are You Really Eating for Fitness Goals?

Fitness goals are awesome but there are a few things to think about.

You want to lose fat, gain muscle, and feel healthy. Reaching these goals requires good eating habits and overall, a healthy lifestyle. How are you doing with that?

What Are You Eating?

Are you really eating for fitness goals?

In order to achieve good health, it requires consuming healthy food and exercising consistently. Not living this way should make you feel weird. Do you feel weird?

If the answer is no, there is something not right with your fitness program. It usually comes down to what you're eating. Eating unhealthy is often validated because you workout several times per week. This isn't a healthy approach to food intake and exercise. Remember, you can't out-exercise a crappy diet.

The takeaway here is nutrition plays the largest role in your fitness success. Without eating right, achieving goals will not happen. True story.

Food Is Fuel Not a Reward

I have seen fitness success turn into a train wreck of eating off track as a reward for doing so awesome. Your seemingly well-deserved food frenzy has snowballed into a struggle to get back on track. It can begin innocently thinking eating unhealthy one time is okay, but without self-control, it really can be disastrous. Remember, food is fuel and not a reward.

The bottom line is to think before you eat.

Food is Powerful

The food you eat and what you drink represents the body you show. Think about that statement. Food is powerful and makes you feel healthy or unhealthy. It can also make you look fit or fat.

Consuming unhealthy processed food products increases inflammation in your bloodstream. Inflammation is said to be one of the main causes of increased risk of chronic disease and cancer.

Eating right includes consuming lots of plant-based foods, lean proteins, nuts and seeds, grains, and healthy fats that clean up inflammation in your body. You feel great and look great.

A healthy lifestyle is learning how to balance nutrition. Eating right at least 80% of the time allowing for a few splurges is considered healthy and sustainable. It's also an enjoyable way of living.

Take Responsibility 

Being in denial about what you're eating doesn't fix the problem. Now is a great time to perform a nutritional assessment and take an honest look. Reaching fitness goals means being true to yourself and taking responsibility for your nutrition.

The great news is you can always get back on track and start again. This time, with healthier choices and a real commitment to living the lifestyle. Fitness is always about progress and not perfection. 

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